It Doesn’t Matter


Canadiens lose 5-2 to a real team, the Chicago Blackhawks, and it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter how many goals they scored, or who the referees were, or what the announcers said or didn’t say. It doesn’t matter how they did on the power or how many shots they got overall, or who played what minutes.

It doesn’t matter that they’ve lost 17 of 22 games.

It doesn’t matter who was in goal, or who scored the two goals, or what mistakes were made, or if they looked good for a minute or two, or if they took bad penalties or not. And it doesn’t matter about the coach and GM and possible trades and making or not making the playoffs.

It doesn’t matter.



17 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter”

  1. Dear Habs :

    Dennis is deflated.

    Thanks Habs cause he’s usually pretty optimistic. Now look what you’ve done. You have brought down our blogger.

    Go away Habs, go away!!

  2. Next game will decide their fate. If they can’t raise their play and score some @%$&# goals against the Bruins at home then they don’t deserve a post-season. Win and we hang onto a play-off spot, lose and call the Leafs for the best tee times.

  3. Wow I have no words because like Dennis said it does not matter . I believe that watching juniors play will be more fun than watching the Habs self-destruct . This collection of players are not a team but they are a bleeping joke and from here on in will not waste another minute watching the Bettman Hockey League . After all it simply does not matter !

  4. Great commentary Dennis. You’ve summed it up perfectly.

    It would be really nice to hear the real story about what’s really going on. The truth. Not the bullshit.

    There’s something that really stinks going on inside that room.

  5. Danno I believe you may be right , something is going on . You can clearly see their effort lacks passion and determination. The question is will they sort it out , make changes or keep freefalling ?

  6. Crappy captains. Crappy assistants if they can’t work it out. Crappy team. Hmm, funny they looked so good on paper two years ago. Was I mistaken. Crappy leaders!

  7. Feeling very deflated also. It is so easy to say the team is crappy, but this is the same team that started the year on fire…. the same team that brought us so much hope. There must soon be changes. The Molsons must be starting to freak out and hopefully put pressure on the GM to make some changes. I like to support Therrien, but OBVIOUSLY even the good players are not responding to him. Me thinks changes made soon… starting at the top! Have a good day. We have to beat Boston and Toronto… just have to… 🙂

  8. sCHit happens!

    Dennis…at the end if the’s only a hockey game.
    There are so many other things in one’s life that are more important….hug your wife..embrace your family.
    That matters.

  9. I think our only option is roughing it out til price gets back. We will be out if a playoff spot but with him healthy we gave a good chance. He brings something to the team that no other player brings. Shows how special he us. I’ve not seen the Habs like this before. I think they will beat Boston. They played well against chi and St louis. Boston seems to lose to us automatically, we just lack leadership. I think something will happen early this week.

  10. I listened to part of the 1st or did it was a haze last night. I tuned in to the 2nd I think it was 1 to 1 I thought, what Habs Hawks one one? Then it got weird, goals scores, no wait that was Later! I tuned in at the 2nd It was what by then then I watched this team, who was that blurring across the screen? A habs ? A ghost from the Habs? a ghost Habs from the Past? O then it was a goal for Hawks and then my hand went to the switch off it goes, no more it turned out they lost someone called me around 10 22 last night tears rage laments howls what the fucks Habs are dying then it comes a storm coming down the river a dark cloud and frozen icemen skating across the river picking up speed as they come down ice spattering out of their way and suddenly ice shaped pucks sputtering down toward a vast Net one after the other going in Giants hurling pucks and then I came to it was over I was walking getting some smokes, O yea I needed a cigarette wife gone, kids gone, Habs gone, life was a dark grey blur memories of games and decades of games, and the slow dawning of solitude and loss, a grieving in the heart knowing the team is done a great goalie name of Price a giant himself in the making standing before this small team a third generation removed from The Real Habs a long cold whistle blowing across the ice my scarf snapping in the wind was that a slap I heard it was one the greatest of the era and vaulted and resonated across the lake a giant piercing the high slot breaking in through BOOM . and I know I’m dreaming tears streaking across our eyes as we walk the lake side faster and faster the cold’s getting to us…. O and a kid said it’s karma, it’s karma the Montreal team the fans, it’s all karma. They’re getting it back.. for all that and someone else shouted, it’s capitalism it’s Bettman it’s the roll of the dice, puck luck….And who knew maybe they were on to something an were right and some strange vendetta had come down on Montreal Canadiens has it had on the whole of Canadian hockey teams since 1993. A long time gone and no look of it coming soon.

  11. Well imho, God damn it it does matter! I haven’t cherished this organization for over 50+ years not to be bewildered by wtf’s going on! Do we have a coach who can’t adapt, a GM who seems to feel only defence wins Cups, Bull-Shit Pollock & Scotty knew it took both commodities to be successful, what’s up with these two horses pattuties? If they can’t see the head light of the train headed their way****OFF with their HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁
    Pissed in Dead Wing territory

  12. THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!!! THANK YOU DENNIS!!!!Dennis, I’ve only been here a few years or more and seen,read, and FELT your passion for the CH. My friend….. this season hurts…… it hurts BAD! I’m so glad Price is out! All the crap he took about choking, etc. and then giving us last season….. he doesn’t need to be part of this mess. As for “issues” in the room theories ; I’d put it on MB and/MT. THE TOTAL MISUSE of the players individual strengths and lack of allowing creativity is not because #__ doesn’t like # __ .Tinordi’s case is not due to bad chemistry; no one [‘cept Gally] heading for the net is not that reason either. Their lack of “horizontal-izing” hits should be addressed also. That’s my humble opinion for Coach Thornbush. Withdrawal is difficult, but I think for some …and me…. Ed’s advice earlier is fair good. BUT I’m with Mike also. I want action on the ice, the 21,000 fans on their feet and folks on this site soaring like those birds whose names I forget!!

  13. Best post since Scott got traded to our once Glorious Habs ::


    January 19, 2016 at 9:18 am

    How about this, MB, get Bickell from Chicago for a song, say something like, “By the Light of the Silvery Moon”, and put together a line of Bickell-McCarron-Scott.

    Call it the “You Lookin’ at Me?” line and just let them do what they feel like.

    Whenever they feel like it.

  14. Come on Habby Fans…the bright side is ….

    Next 4 games are Boston,Toronto,Columbus and Columbus again

    Tonight against Boston is the game of the season for the Habs.
    Win it and the inspiration will allow you to roll over the Leafs and Blue Jackets….Thats 8 points and will cushion you til Price gets back….

    Leafs are just a rag doll now with there leading scorer James Van Riemsdyk out and the Jackets are in La La land with the trading of Ryan Johansen

  15. It’s very sad Dennis.
    I know 72 year-old men who play hockey with more pride and passion than our millionaire prima donna diva Habs do.

    This is a bloody disgrace.

  16. There we go, Leaf Fan. They lost to Boston, and now it’s on to Toronto. And your team won tonight. I hate hockey.

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