8 thoughts on “Isn’t There Someone Else?”

  1. Danno, I don’t want you to be hasty about this. Think about it some more. Maybe you’ll change your mind.

  2. Dennis are you positive Roch’s answer was Céline and not her husband René? He fills me a lot of hope and aspiration that a pudgy, aging, balding guy without a lot of money can hook up with a much younger woman worth several hundred million dollars.

  3. Celine Dion? Are you kidding me? My girlfriend is French Canadian, as is her family, and I’ve yet to ever hear them say she was inspiring in the least.

    Well, maybe for young girls wishing to be singers….but for Quebec? Good god.

    Have our standards ever dropped.

  4. Céline needs my help in spending her gazillions. With her money I’ll buy the Canadiens and restore them to their dynastic glory. She and René will be in charge of turning the Vegas awards show into something less lame.

  5. Dk, I just read today she and her husband are trying to buy Shwartz’s Deli, all in Montreal put a full stop on that. A trip to Montreal is not complete without returning with some of their cherished smoked meat!!!

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