Islanders Outmatched In Habs 7-2 Shootout

Fans at Le Colisee in Quebec City voiced their approval in the Habs 7-2 trouncing of the New York Islanders, and these obviously must not be the same fans who threw cups and swore loudly at the Canadiens when the Nordiques were around a couple of decades ago.

They loved the Habs tonight, though, but only because they don’t have their beloved Nords.

And maybe for the Canadiens it’s not the best thing that could happen, this 7-2 romp over the New York Islanders. Maybe the Habs will forget that they played a young and inexperienced team, minus John Tavaras, and now think they’re the 1976 Canadiens, who had their way, like tonight, on most nights back then. 

This was not Denis Potvin, Mike Bossy, and Brian Trottier wearing the Islanders jersey on this night that the Canadiens zipped around with abandon. Not even close. But I think it’s okay because it happens, these bad habit-forming games. It’s not automatic that the winning team will pick up bad things in a trouncing. Years ago, team would barmstom throughout the country in pre-season, playing amateur clubs and it didn’t seem to effect them then, so why should a good old-fashion blow out for the good guys be such a bad thing now? Nothing wrong with a fun night.

At least it got a few guys scoring. Benoit Pouliot finally found the twine. Lars Eller, who we expect big things from, had two. PK Subban blasted one home. Mike Cammalleri notched one. And Tomas Plekanec, who appears to be ready to set the league on fire, had two more.

It was a one-side romp, and Carey Price, although not overworked by any stretch, was solid and allowed two goals he had little chance with.

Random Notes:

That’s it for pre-season with the boys going four wins, three losses. Now it’s time to focus on October 7 when they travel to Toronto to obiterate the Leafs.

Jaroslav Spacek, in his late-game fight with some guy wearing the other jersey, looked like he bailed out before it got too serious. Or maybe he just stumbled. Regardless, Spacek looked less-than-a warrior than he should have.

4 thoughts on “Islanders Outmatched In Habs 7-2 Shootout”

  1. Dennis, although Eller should have been given credit for two goals, one of them (at 13:28 in the third) went to Pouliot instead.
    The ref thought Pouliot (who was at the right of the net) deflected the shot from Eller, but he did not.
    Or maybe he felt bad Pouliot for being in such a bad slump and gave him a freebie — thereby robbing Lars to pay Benoit.

    Mike Cammalleri had an uncharacteristic blowup on the ice when he slashed the Isle’s rookie Nino Niedereiter in the ankles. The whole thing started after Niedereiter attempted to hit Cammalleri with a blind-side shot to the head. So, you could say Niedereiter started it, but frankly what Cammarelli did was not good. Neidereiter limped off the ice and did not return.

    Cammalleri was thrown out for the game and could face a suspension depending on how NHL discipline chief Colin Campbell views it. I think he uses the scientific method of throwing a dart on a board or spinning a wheel, or drawing a number out of a hat when making such decisions.

  2. Danno, I’m sure Campbell will consult with his wife and pastor about what to do. It all depends if he had bad experiences when playing against the Habs when he was a player. If he’s a Habs hater, Cammy’s in trouble. If he had a secret desire to play for the Habs, then Cammy’s not. Or something like that. You’re probably right, he’ll just throw a dart.

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