Islanders’ Fans Have To Find Better Reasons To Hate The Habs Than These

      The silliest thing came to my attention the other day. A nice Habs’ fan commented on this site that she’d been reading “Islanders Beat” and some Islanders’ fan was saying that the big reasons Islanders’ fans don’t like the Montreal Canadiens is because Habs’ fans think Bobby Orr was a better defenceman than Denis Potvin, and that we also hold a grudge because the Islanders won four straight Stanley Cups in the early 1980’s.


Other teams’ fans might come up with a lot of reasons to dislike the Habs, but these two reasons are just plain silly. Do you dislike the Islanders because they were great in the early ’80’s? Or did you even think about this?


And about Orr and Potvin. Orr is considered possibly the greatest player ever. Potvin was listed 19th out of 100th best in the Hockey News.


Orr dominated. Potvin didn’t nearly as much.


Orr was popular with his teammates. Potvin’s teammates thought he was arrogant and somewhat phony, which I admit is neither here nor there. I just thought I’d throw it in.


Potvin played 1060 games, racking up 310 goals and 742 assists for 1052 points. He won the Norris trophy for league’s best defenceman three times.


Orr won the Norris eight time and collected 270 goals and 645 assists for 915 points in 657 games. And half of these games he played with bad knees that ended his career prematurely.


What silliness from some Islanders’ fans.


Maybe they’re just mad because Montreal has a better team than them.




3 thoughts on “Islanders’ Fans Have To Find Better Reasons To Hate The Habs Than These”

  1. those are two of the stupidest reasons to not like a team. I must admit im not a habs fan myself, but i can admit there the greatest team in the history of the sport. I would say the reason Islanders fans dont like the habs is because there jealous of the fact they are the best team ever. I am a die hard new york yankees fan, now obviously were talking different sports now but my point being is what the yankees are to baseball the habs are to hockey and people find any reason to hate teams that have been that dominating over the years and are so deep in history full of great teams and accomplishments. All you can do to tune out the noise of those islander fans is think about the 20 more stanley cups your team have won

  2. Wait, do they think Potvin is better than Orr?

    First off, Orr is better than Potvin, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a Habs fan: everyone is going to say that.

    And no offence to Islanders fans, but there are a few other defencemen I would put ahead of Potvin (Lidstrom, Coffey, Bourque and of course Doug Harvey). And that doesn’t include bias such as Larry Robinson, Chris Chelios or Serge Savard. Or some that would be on the bubble (MacInnis, Scott Stevens, Scott Niedermeyer). Potvin would be hard-pressed to make the top 10, much less be the top choice of all time.

    As for the Stanley Cups, it’s hard to hold a grudge against a team that had four great years and that’s it.

  3. Only thing I ever hated about the Islanders was that hideous Captain Highliner hockey sweater. Thankfully I haven’t seen it in a while.

    Cheer up, Islanders fans. You got our Streit now on defense! Uh, hmm…

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