Is There No End To This Misery?

Caps 3, – Ineffective slump-ridden underachievers – 0

It’s unfortunate that Washington’s Jay Beagle scored to make it 1-0 for the Caps in the first period. Montreal was looking sharp, skating well, killed off a couple of penalties, and then……

With 37 &%^#$ seconds left in the period, Washington scored again, and oh, how this hurts. Whenever this happens, this late goal thing, and it’s happened far too often this season, it’s like a kick in the nuts from a guy wearing steel-toed boots.

Down two after the first period. It’s enough to cause a guy to phone in sick for his graveyard shift and get hammered instead.

It’s just going to take one goal in the second period, I thought, and the boys are back in town. And lo and behold…………it didn’t happen.

This has been quite a road trip. THE ROAD TRIP FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL.

Of course being down by two going in to the third period isn’t impossible to overcome. Unless you’re the Montreal Canadiens, who began the final frame with a penalty 21 seconds in by Roman Hamrlik, and later Tomas Plekanec took a four minute double minor for shoving a stick into Mike Green’s face when the Canadiens were enjoying a power play to deflate anything they had going at that time.

And of course Alex Ovechkin scored in the empty net.

Are you like me and getting tired of a small team being outmuscled and outskated by larger teams? There’s just not enough strength, and too many short legs racing long legs and losing. This team is built to win the Allan Cup, not the Stanley Cup.

Are you like me and getting tired of Andre Kostitsyn and Benoit Pouliot and Travis Moen and a host others including Brian Gionta, Mike Cammalleri, and Scott Gomez, and how none of these players scare the daylights out of anyone? 

Is it sacrilege to come down hard on Gionta, Gomez, and Cammalleri? I’m sorry but they’re too small – plain and simple.

Are you like me and growing sick and tired of undisciplined penalties?

And are you like me and wondering just how far down the standings the boys are going to end up?

Random Notes:

Shots on goal 30-25 Washington

Next up – Thursday in Tampa Bay.

18 thoughts on “Is There No End To This Misery?”

  1. Dennis, I’m getting pretty tired of losing but mostly because of HOW they’re losing – which is this phoning it in schtick. This team has a veteran leadership group. Where are they? Jacques Martin is an NHL coach with a whole lotta experience under his belt, most recently an ECF berth. Where is he? I wanted Gionta as captain and I got it and now I’m trying to remember why I wanted it exactly. He’s not kicking enough asses around that dressing room for my liking.

    Losing because they try is acceptable. I’m getting tired of the excuses for NOT trying: 1 – December road trips are hard on the team because they’re away from their families 2 – this was expected 3 – it’ll turn around (magically I guess).

    You’re tired of the forwards being too small, but I think a bit more effort would offset that better, or else they’d have never won any games at the beginning of the year. I’m tired of the D corps – 3 guys near cardiac arrest every game, and 2 disasters-in-training and 1 borderline AHLer.

    But don’t worry – the Habs are about to take a Wiz and that will fix EVERYTHING!

  2. Yes it’s depressing and I really try not to care but they are my team and it chews at my guts when this goes on and it has gone on alot the last couple of years. Without the tenders last year and this keeping them in and stealing games the Habs would be a bottom feeder. The worst thing that happened was the play-offs last year as it made it appear that the system complimented the goalies and that all was OK. I’ve made it clear that I don’t like Martin and I don’t like the system. I like scoring. We have a team that has scored 2 or less goals 18 times in their first 37 games. They play a perimeter game and are generally small and soft or they at least play that way. The team needs toughness up front or at least attitude. Some-one who will get in your face and crash the front of the net. Watch when Crosby plays and you see him hacking and slashing and poking at the players and the goalie in the front of the net. But he is in the scoring area and he is hungry for that puck. Where is that player on the Habs. This isn’t a team that can afford to have a Gomez and a Pleks on the top two lines. Not centering mostly perimeter players (Max Pac being the exception so far). Wiz will help the D but he is only a start to what this team needs. All that seperates this team from 11th is 4 wins/ losses.

  3. here, here, mayo……………… dennis, it’s like dick said many years ago ” what you see is what you get with this team”

  4. Don, I like what you say about Crosby. He’s hungry for the puck, any part of the puck, whatever it takes. No one on the Habs is like that. I’m like you, I like scoring, but I also like toughness and passion and heart. I’m not seeing any of these.

  5. Tyg, I’ve been thinking for awhile now about Gionta as captain. Is he standing up in the dressing room like a great captain will, like Beliveau did? Does he try to take Subban and other youngsters under his wing and help them adapt to the bigs? And these ill-timed penalties and late goals are driving me crazy. Also, what you say about how they’re losing is right. They’re showing no passion, no drive. I believe this belongs in the corner of the coach and captain to take the bull by the horns. What a shame this is happening in a year when Carey Price has rebounded so magnificently.

  6. That’s Dick Irvin to those not aware. Hobo chatted with him in LA in the 1980’s and that’s how he described an enigmatic Habs team back then.

  7. This new guy isn’t the savior. I look forward to his toughness though and hope it rubs off on the princesses. That’s one thing I hate about the Habs is the fact they are PUSSIES. Cammy get’s hit. He’s more worried about his looks than winning. Same goes for Subban and many others. I’d like to see a small overhaul getting rid of some dainties and bringing in guys who would bleed to win (tremblay, risebrough, bouchard – plumbers but they knew how to win). That’s what we’re missing. We have too many pay cheques playing and no heart. Some of the alumni are likely embarrassed these days.

  8. Thanks to Vancouver for clobbering those a$$hole Flyers. Too bad it wasn’t another team but gotta give those Knuckleheads credit. Alright, back to normal and drained the anger so posts won’t be so prickly. I like the new addition and look forward to his hits, his shot on the PP and the fact he is North American. He doesn’t look like a career AHL’er and looks to be a bonafide top 4. We need a leader on the PP so bad, maybe he is a really good fit. Hopefully a leader in the locker room.

  9. The hit on Doan looked pretty high. And this guy has been suspended 4x. He can definitely handle himself so hope the Habs are prepared to step up with him. He’s gonna attract attention much the way Subban’s hits do. Hope this elevates the Habs confidence and toughness.

  10. Dennis, I can’t believe this is still the same core of players who had what it takes to make it to the conference finals last season.

    There’s just a complete lack of conviction and intensity in the way they are playing. What the hell is going on?

    Is there some kind of trouble with Jacques Martin and how he relates to the players — and could this be the real source of our problems?

  11. Montreal better watch out for Ottawa…they are playing better (Although lost Spezza for 6 weeks)…Only 4 points behind the Habs with Carolina in town tonight. Bostons first pick next year is looking good thanks to my loser Leafs…Why the heck did your Montreal team not make a deal for those 2 firsts and a second…Burke was ready to be fleeced..
    Now Boston is ready to stock up thanks to the Leafs to be a mega power house for years to come

  12. Hi Leaf Fan – I was thinking about Ottawa catching us last night and it a bit like a wide-awake nightmare. But we’re going to turn it around with a little help from the Wiz. And this thing about Burke – one of his finer moments. Maybe Toronto and Boston have conspired against the Habs. Maybe I’m just paranoid after thinking about Ottawa.

  13. Danno, I believe it’s Martin. You’re absolutely bang on – there’s no passion and heart. It looks like they’re just going through the motions, especially in heavy traffic at the other end. I liked what Don said preciously about how Sidney fights and scrapes in front of the net, he’s so hungry. Our guys don’t seem at all hungry.

  14. Wiz is a tough guy, Mayo, and we all know Montreal needs toughness. We must be one of the easiest teams to play against right now and that really pisses me off.

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