Is There A Nicer Tie?

003The couple across the road are Rob and Patti. He’s commented here a few times, and his handle is Beatnik. So we go to Mr. and Mrs. Beatnik’s house and they give me a Heineken and a tie he got in the 1990’s and forgot he had.

I wish I would’ve had this when I got married.

Rob and Patti could win a contest for “best neighbours. He introduced himself when I was fixing my roof and he offered to help. He’s always lending me tools which I promptly return, and she’s helped me with computer technical problems and my wife planting her trees. He cuts the lawn when we’re gone, she looks after the cat. And now I get this lovely tie.

I just wanted to mention my neighbours acts of kindness because it’s time and it’s the season.

Neither of them like the Habs, though. They prefer the Canucks. But that might be their only flaw.

12 thoughts on “Is There A Nicer Tie?”

  1. Thanks Dennis. Yes we prefer the Canucks but we also root for Montreal. We also have a very good friend Wes Gill who lives in Montreal and has been a fan of the Habs for over 55 years.

  2. Hey Dennis;The only way it would be nicer is if I owned it,very nice tie.i’ll be honest with you I have only wore a tie once in my life,last christmas dinner,enjoy your tie.

  3. Beautiful tie Dennis. This type of sharing deserves a Montreal/Vancouver Stanley Cup final.
    Beatnik, I was going to say that since you had a Canadiens tie in the closet, that you were a closet Habs fan. If you only root against Montreal the one or two times a year they meet in the regular season is acceptable. Just take it easy on Dennis if the Habs put in a stinker, not that it will ever happen again.

  4. Montreal-Vancouver final. That would be so great. The west coast would be buzzing, that’s for sure. C’mon Canucks, get good like the Habs so this can happen.

  5. Dennis, handsome looking tie for sure. You know your neighbour could have got at least $15,000 – plus shipping and handling – on Ebay for such a rare and exquisite item.
    Just out of curiosity, do you know who the little characters are supposed to represent? I would really like to know who or what that little dude with the satelite dish is… Then there is a frog-like goalie and a guy that looks like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets…
    Whoever designed this magnificent necktie was quite the artiste.
    Wear it with pride Dennis to all your formal events.

  6. Well, at least it’s not the Smurfs. 🙂

    That will be the 2009-10 tie…

    Merry Boxing and a Happy Leaf raking to all!

  7. Speaking of Muppets, did you ever notice the resemblance between coach Jacques Martin and The Count?



  8. Have a look at the fine young lad at the top of the page and then have a look at the handsome fellow at the bottom of the tie. Could they be one and the same?

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