Is Patrick Roy Hoping To Coach The Habs?


“There’s two very special organizations for me – Montreal and Colorado,” said Patrick Roy as he finally turned down the Avalanche’s offer to coach and possibly be general manager. So for now, Patrick will return to the Quebec Remparts.

Did he turn down Colorado’s offer because in his heart he wants to coach the Canadiens at some point? And would you like to see Patrick coach the Canadiens?

I’m not sure I would. I’m also not sure I wouldn’t.

If I look at Patrick’s inexperience at coaching at the NHL level, I could pooh pooh it. Then I could look at what Dan Bylsma is doing in Pittsburgh and what Cory Clouston in Ottawa did this past season, and I see that men with no previous NHL experience can actually guide a team and command respect. So the inexperience thing, although not a perfect scenario, doesn’t always have to spell failure. And Patrick has won a Memorial Cup with Quebec in 2006.

The biggest problem I have is that Patrick sometimes loses his mind. He’s had domestic problems, blow outs with other coaches, and both his sons, especially Jonathan, have shown they’re a chip off the old block by also losing their minds at the rink, which in turn reflected back on papa. I don’t think being a loose cannon is the greatest recipe for success in the modern NHL.

Patrick Roy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There were a lot of opponents to the idea of having his sweater raised to the rafters in Montreal. When he quit the Habs after his Mario Tremblay dust up , many never forgave him, and thus believed he didn’t deserve the sweater treatment. So he’d go in to Montreal with a built-in group of non-fans.

On the other hand, maybe a loose cannon behind the Habs’ bench would be just what the doctor ordered. Something to stimulate a comatose team. And the media would probably love him because, as we all know, Patrick’s never been a shrinking violet.

But is he a smart, cunning strategist who could lead the Montreal Canadiens to the promised land? At this point, my feeling is no. He’s too new to the coaching game. Maybe in a few years he’ll smooth out the edges and be a truly classy and winning coach in Junior who needs to move up to the show because it’s time. And then maybe the Habs can come calling.

5 thoughts on “Is Patrick Roy Hoping To Coach The Habs?”

  1. I ‘d love to see Roy behind the bench. Just imagine how much more entertaining it would be, and think of what the press conferences after losses would be like. It would be great. And also, he might be able to get Price back into shape.

  2. Getting Price back on his game would be worth all the other stuff. That’s a great point, Gillis.

  3. I would have huge concerns if Roy was to become the new coach. It has accident waiting to happen all over it. And that would be the end of Bob Gainey’s tenure as GM. However, I really thought Guy would work and well that was an ugly train wreck so who really knows? It would be a huge gamble but it would definitely be interesting.
    The East meets West guy wrote a piece about having so many UFAs being an opportunity to retool the team and I never did see the potential of losing half the team as necessarily a bad thing but everyone else did so I kept it mostly to myself. I thought you would get a real look at who you would want to bring back for next year. Any thoughts anyone? Also, Dennis, what do you think about going after the Sedins?

  4. I think a complete retooling is what’s needed. And I wouldn’t mind seeing the Sedin’s in Montreal because they’re both consistant point getters. They’re not fast but I suppose that doesn’t matter. You get a Kovalev lime going great, and then you have a Sedin line, and you’ve got two good offensive lines.

  5. No, I’d rather not see Roy as head coach at this time. I feel they need a more stabilizing coach behind the bench with more experience. Perhaps Lever: he knows many the players already & is apparently very good with the young players (if Mtl decides to go on a youth movement.) Maybe Roy as a assistant or goalie coach – and then a head in a few years.

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