14 thoughts on “Is It Thursday Yet?”

  1. Dennis,

    Q – Why are the Toronto Maple Leafs like an artificial Christmas tree?

    A – Because they look good in December, but are back in the basement again by the middle of January

  2. Danno, I’m presently trying to make up one. I’m halfway through so far. I have the querstion but haven’t come up with the really funny answer yet. It’s “Why are the Leafs like the Kardashians?|
    Maybe I’ll think of the punchline after I eat something.

  3. First day at school and the little grade 3’s kids were asked about their parents profession. “”My dad is a builder”…”My Mum is a lawyer”…and then the little guy said “Daddy is a stripper in the red light district, he goes out to work every night and comes back in the morning”. Everybody was shocked and at the end of the class the teacher came to the boy to figure this out. “Is that what your father really does for living?” And the boy answered “No, actually he is a Maple Leaf player but it is so embarrassing to me to say so…”

  4. Why are the Leafs like the Kardashians? They’re both famous for doing nothing. (ah, the best I could do).

    I do like this Habs joke (forgive me): How can you tell Bob Gainey’s upset? One of his hairs is out of place.

    I love that picture Dennis. That is gold.

  5. Ya Ya Ya …. we Leaf fans have heard it all … It makes us stronger ….

    Should be an interesting season Habs fans … very interesting 🙂

    Leaf Nation True North strong and Free

  6. Doctor I keep having the same nightmare. I wake in a coffee shop in a place I don’t know.
    Can you see lots of cups?
    No Doc but there are plenty of mugs.
    Oh dear son, seems like you’re in Toronto.

  7. The man said, “My dog watches all the Maple Leafs games on TV. Every year the Leafs don’t make the playoffs, he crawls into a corner, lies down and cries his eyes out.” His friend says, “That’s incredible. What does he do when they make it to the playoffs?” The man replied, “I don’t know. He’s only eight years old.”

  8. My new made-up one. The Leafs almost missed the game on Thursday. They thought it was being held in Collingwood. But while they were there they were able to get many Habs autographs.

  9. Q: Why do Toronto Maple Leafs players have TGIF on their skates?

    A: Toes Go In First.

    – OR –

    Thinking Golf In February

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