Is Cammy About To Get Poked In The Eye And Bopped On The Head?

Frankly, I didn’t see the Mike Cammalleri incident with the Islanders’ Nino Niederreither. Often in a one-sided whitewash such as this game, I tend to get distracted easily.

But can Cammalleri be suspended? I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s the NHL brass on the case, the Three Stooges of the sporting world. Curly Joe, er, Campbell, will monitor the moods of other teams in the east, and going by that, will make his executive decision. If Brian Burke and a few others say Cammy must go, then he must go. Can’t be having the Canadiens too strong right off the bat.

9 thoughts on “Is Cammy About To Get Poked In The Eye And Bopped On The Head?”

  1. Even if Cammy hadn’t been retaliating for an earlier blindside hit, I still say that Nino had it coming. First of all, he’s not a Habs. Second, he’s a lousy Islander. Third, he’s ugly.

    I’m liking that the Habs are getting a bit more physical right from the get go this season. Time to stand up to the bullies. They’re just jealous anyway cause they’re not Habs.

  2. Oh please with the persecution complex. What Cammalleri did was wrong, and not being ready for a shoulder to shoulder hit does not change that.

  3. It was a dumb move by Cammalleri. Before the ankle slash you see him swipe his stick across the Islander’s chest. Too bad a minor penalty wasn’t called then, it probably would have been the end of it. The linesman even skated between them to get them to cool down.
    I think Cammy wanted to drop gloves, but being the instigator in a fight is a big no, no. And big wuss Nino ran away scared. He might as well play injured, because he won’t even make the Islanders playing scared.

  4. Dennis, I could be wrong but I thought Nino Niederreitter’s reaction to the slash was a bit of an Oscar performance. Niederreitter was hit directly behind the skates and yet he goes down clutching his knees. Cammy’s whack did not look that hard and yet Niederreitter makes it look like he was hit by a canon blast. This is the stuff that goes on in World Cup soccer and wrecks that sport for me. I would say he is not so innocent at all and is playing the victim here even though he started the whole thing with a dirty hit.

  5. I blame the coach for this situation. He has players on the bench that are used to keep a game clean. They go out and drop the gloves and settle it like men! Why would he allow Cammmalleri at 5′ 9” to go out and enforce a game they are winning? Especially against the Islander’s “B” team. Come Jacques Martin… what type of fool are you?
    With the experience Cammellari has, he should know better than to go out and attempt spearing a player to the face and then two handing him from behind on the ankle. He knows it’s going to cost him. All of this in a nothing preseason game (shake head). Come on Cammmalleri, smarten up! Montreal fans expect more from their stars. Especially those stars that are suppose to be setting an example for our children who look up to them. I figure he should be handed at least a 3 game suspension to send a message that this type of behaviour is totally unacceptable.

  6. there is no such thing as a nothing game in montreal. when the team plays as if it is a nothing game, like the other night against buffalo, everyone gets upset. these guys need to do whatever it takes to win in all areas of the game every night……..the kid did something to warrant retaliation. cammy can’t bitch slap the bitch because that would be an instigator penalty. it is simple. instigator penalty = stick work. that is just the way it is now……… if an upstart rookie did something to gordie howe he would have felt #9’s lumber and nobody would have said boo. of course gordie would not have been caught. he had far more experience with the sick than cammy……… but alas, those were the days before nhl hockey became a cowardly, pussy sport…………. a little tap on the ankle? is it right or wrong? big deal. who cares.

  7. Dennis, this conference call thing is taking too long and has me worried.

    I sense that Colin is cooking up a big old pot of Campbell’s Cream of Suspension Soup.

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