Is Cammalleri’s Jersey Worth $1250.00 or $12.50?

Pierre Gauthier must have been some pissed off with Mike Cammalleri after the over-paid, underachieving rich kid called out the team in the waning hours before being sent packing to the wild west.

First, it was Cammalleri being dealt to Calgary midway through a game. Then it was Gauthier not telling the guy right away where he was going. And now we find out Gauthier wanted to charge Cammalleri $1250.00 for the jersey after the player asked if he could have it for sentimental reasons.

I’m of two minds about this. Gauthier refuses to leave the building, weeks after being let go. At least in spirit anyway. Maybe he’s a downright spiteful and immature type. Or possibly just has several screws loose, which many of us have suspected for quite some time.

On the other hand, Cammalleri wasn’t exactly Rocket Richard when it came time for intensity and fire, and doesn’t deserve a free jersey. He seemed overly-concerned with lookin’ good, except where it counted most – on the ice. He seemed to be all about his outside ventures, his brands, his image. When I watched him closely during the Flames-Canucks game not long ago, he scored a goal but also refused to get closer than two feet of opposing players. He played on the perimeter, waiting to be set up. And he performed over-extended fancy sweeps around the boards after whistles so fans could ooh and aah.

I would have dealt him too. Maybe in a slightly different way, though. And in hindsight, it certainly wouldn’t have been for Rene Bourque, which has absolutely nothing to do with Jerseygate but I thought I’d throw it in anyway.

In the last few hours I’ve been trying to figure out Gauthier’s thinking behind the $1250.00 figure. Why so much? Was this jersey going to bring in similar dollars in auction for charity? Did it need the world’s most expensive dry cleaning job? Cammalleri has ten letters in the name and was Gauthier hoping to recoup the dollars spent on such a long name on the back of the jersey? Or was it simply a case of Gauthier being quite an asshole?

And we also must remember this. For a six million dollar guy like Cammalleri, $1250 is chump change he drops in the ashtray when he comes home from the movies. It’s nothing, like a buck and a half for you and me.

So really, it’s come down to this for me. Gauthier is a mental case and Cammalleri, if he wanted the jersey badly enough, simply had to buy it and it wouldn’t have put the slightest dent in his wallet. I’m not taking sides either way here. Neither of them helped my team, and that’s a sin if I ever saw one.

Side note: A few years ago I chatted on the phone with Terry Harper, the old rearguard for the Canadiens in the 1960’s, and I asked him if he still had any of his old Habs sweaters from his playing days. Not a chance, he said. No one was allowed to leave the dressing room with a sweater and it was watched like a hawk by the trainers.


8 thoughts on “Is Cammalleri’s Jersey Worth $1250.00 or $12.50?”

  1. Ward, aren’t you being a little hard on the beaver? ………. Cammy was not good this year, like most of his team mates, but he was great in the playoffs last year and the year before. And he was right about his teams bad attitude. I’m taking his side. But I would take Bin Laden’s side over MR. GOAT……..
    ” it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you look ” …… hobo.

  2. I think I’m the only one in hockey world who is happy that Gauthier let Cammy go during a game.

    He was a schmuck for talking badly about his team. If this is the way he figured he could get traded, then pay the consequences.

    Is it October yet?

  3. While I agree cammy in no way lived up to the contract in the regular season, He was a key cog in the playoff run a couple years ago and also good last year against Boston. However he shouldn’t have bad mouthed the team. But for an organization having so much difficulty attracting free agents, this is absurd. No matter how it played out, a player asking for a souvenir of his time with the most storied franchise in the NHL to be treated that way is a disgrace. I sure hope the door did hit Gauthier on the way out! Where’s the class? Where’s the professionalism? Where are the habs we all know?

  4. We need them back, DeadIslandBoys. It’s been way too long and some of us are running out of time. I know my patience has worn thin.
    I agree he played well in the past, but it’s still “what have you done for me lately,” and Cammy was a no-show on far too many nights. In fact, I ended up despising his style, his no-contact type, no nose-dirty style of play. Gomez too. And as far as a player asking for a souvenir, if Terry Harper and the boys couldn`t have their sweaters way back when, I suppose they shouldn`t now. But having said that, Gauthioer showed absolutely no class in handling this. As a matter of fact, if it was Josh Gorges asking for his jersey and couldn`t get it, I`d be screaming blue murder on this site.

  5. I find this to be pretty disgusting and it says a lot about the kind of character Gauthier is. The decent thing to do is to give Cammy the jersey. I would have. God I am glad Gauthier is gone. Good riddance you snobby jerk.

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