Introducing The Coin Collection

I ‘ve carried around a certain amount of pride for much of my life – that I was one of the youngest paperboys in Orillia with one of the biggest paper routes.

Religiously, after school, I would push and ride my bike up and down hills, putting first the Toronto Telegram and later the Toronto Star and Orillia Packet and Times, between doors. I’d collect weekly payments from the stay-at-home moms and I also enjoyed that the older women took a liking to me and gave me big tips and chocolates at Christmas as a thank you.

I also developed a habit when I was a paperboy. I began to look closely at the change, and ended up with a nice little coin collection.

In 1920, as a result of people having sex in 1919, many babies were born, including Mickey Rooney and the great saxophonist Charlie Parker. Prohibition raised its ugly head that year,and it’s a sad thing indeed when we see old clips of the feds in their fedoras pouring illegal booze down drains.

My father was also born in 1920. He’ll be 90 in October.

In the news that year, Babe Ruth was sold by the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees for $125,000 which must have sucked in a big way for Red Sox fans, and Canada introduced a 1% Federal sales tax.

In hockey, the Ottawa Senators beat the Seattle Metropolitans in 1919-20 to win the Stanley Cup, and in 1920-21, those same Senators won the Cup again by beating the Vancouver Millionaires.

The 1920 Montreal Canadiens iced a fairly respectable team with Newsy Lalonde, Georges Vezina, and Didier Pitre in the lineup, but they ended up third overall behind the Ottawa Senators and Toronto St. Pats and didn’t make the playoffs.

Curiously, I could only find three Montreal Canadien players born in 1920 – Jack Adams, who played just one year in the NHL in 1940-41, Marcel Dheere, a left winger who managed 16 games for the Habs in 1942-43, and the great Emile “Butch” Bouchard. (Although there seems to be some confusion with both Dheere and Bouchard, who may have been born in 1918 and 1919 respectively. My dates come from Claude Mouton’s book, The Montreal Canadiens.)

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  1. are coins like worth $. i found a bunch of old coins clearing out my moms place, rolls of old nickels, paper 25 cent bills etc………….. maybe they are worth enough to invest in your purchase of the habs.

  2. Hobo, they sure can be valuable, but it depends on how many were made in that particular year. For example, my Canadian penny collection from 1920 to 19 60 or so, there a run of years, from 1921 to 26 where the pennies are worth much more than say 1919 or 1927. Also, I remember from those years that a 1936 penny with a dot underneath the date was worth thousands. And my neighbour had a 1948 silver dollar worth a lot of money too. (now I’m curious and going to google 1936 dot and some other years. You should get a price guide. Maybe you’re rich and didn’t know it!

  3. Dennis, this is kind of weird.

    I tried to find others born in 1920, but I could not.

    But more strangely, it may be that Jack Adams is the only Habs player born in 1920.

    The official Canadiens website lists John (Jack) Adams, Butch Bouchard and Marcel Dheere as all being born in 1920…

    And yet, at least two sites say Marcel Dheere was born on December 19, 1918…

    And those two sites also list Butch Bouchard as being born in 1919…

    If the Canadiens site is wrong (doubtful but possible), that could mean John (Jack) Adams is the only Habs player born in 1920, as he is the only Canadiens player I could find without a discrepancy in his date of birth…

  4. Danno, in my book “The Montreal Canadiens” by Claude Mouton, it gives the birth dates of the players and lists all three as 1920. I’m going to look around and see what comes up. Thanks.

  5. Danno, HockeyDB, Wikipedia, and Legends of Hockey all say Sept. 4, 1919 for Butch Bouchard, and Claude Mouton’s book says Sept. 11, 1920. Hmm.

  6. Dennis, somebody has their facts wrong. But my guess would be your book and the site are more likely to be the authority on the birthdays.
    I just found it odd that there are different dates of birth on other sites…

  7. Danno, it’s very weird. I find it odd too and would really like to know the true dates. I’m even thinking of asking the questions in a post. If there’s anyone out there who knows for sure, please tell us.

  8. sounds like trying to nail the b-dates of robert johnson and charlie patton, son house not to mention sugar kane. the blues greats have a lot in common with hab greats.

  9. Hobo, the bluesmen are a musterious bunch. For example, Sugar Kane made a pact with the devil and now has to work until he’s 80. That guy sure plays a mean invisible guitar, though, so maybe the pact was worth it.

  10. Well Dennis, I am beginning to doubt the accuracy of They have the Canadiens listed as having won only 23 Stanley Cups.

    It’s because of the Cup they won before the NHL existed (in 1915-16) but it’s still a Stanley Cup victory.

    I thought only Leaf fans pulled stunts like that.

  11. Dennis does Claude Mouton’s book have 2 entries for Butch Bouchard? The Montreal Canadien’s website has 2.

    Another one to consider is Frank Strahan who hockeydb shows as born in 1920.
    Although Canadiens and hockey-reference both show 1918.

    Danno, I’m guessing wikipedia imported a lot of its information from hockey-reference so I’d count them as a single source.

  12. Chris, that’s amazing that the Habs site has two. Claude Mouton’s book has just the one – Sept. 11, 1920. We need a Sherlock Holmes on the case.

  13. Hobo-your 25 cent bills are refered to as Shinplasters. There is a 1900 shinplaster for sale on E-Bay for about $50.00.

    Dennis-I’m glad you finally divulged your birth date as you keep telling everyone you weren’t born yesterday.

  14. thanks beatnik 50 bucks is 50 bucks

    sugar kane didn’t sign a deal with the devil at the crossroads, he signed a management contract with al eagleson at the orr-walton hockey camp on lake couch.

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