Introducing The 2009-2010 Habs Third Jersey

Now that I have more than $150 and several readers willing to take part with me, I’m probably very close to making Molsons an offer they can’t refuse, and buying the Canadiens. And because of that, I need to get ready, so I’ve decided to go ahead and make a few changes – changes I feel will be a nice touch for our team.

Below, as part of the ongoing centennial celebrations, a model displays the new retro uniforms which I will be introducing at a press conference to be held at a later date. I like to call it the game-used look, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other teams embrace my idea and do a version of their own. (And by the way, as owner, I may be the lone wolf who votes to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Canada.)


21 thoughts on “Introducing The 2009-2010 Habs Third Jersey”

  1. Hey Dennis;Great pic from the past,I’m not sure but is this alec colville?That name popped into my head so thought i would try it,oh by the way good luck with your purchase of the Habs,if your succesful let me know and I can meet you in Vancouver and fly out to Montreal for a couple of games this winter

  2. Good morning Derry! No, it’s Didier Pitre. This is one of my all-time favourite Habs pictures. When I get the Habs I’m sure they’re be an opening for you. I myself will be in charge of making sure the players’ wives are comfortable. But I’ll find somethiong for you. And do you live in Vancouver or nearby?

  3. I live in Mackenzie,north of Prince George.I’ts about a ten hour drive from Vancouver of which i’ve already done twice this year.I’m hoping to be in your neck of the woods in Oct.for a shutdown in Howe sound.They haven’t given me any dates as of yet but will be heading to the Island after that.

  4. Didier Pitre played with Joliat, but even played before him. He was the very first player signed by the Canadiens. Apparently he was a gentleman too.

  5. Oh, that’s okay, Derry. I do the same thing, sometimes after I’ve posted my stuff. Then I have to go back and fix it after I’ve realized it. Anyway, I knew what you were saying and I’d also like to mention that you’re a really knowledgeable hockey fan.

  6. Dennis, throw in a motion to can Bettman and I’ll throw in my weekend beer money. Can’t have Phil Shanghai’ing our Habs.

  7. Re: Christopher’s comment. Now this is what I mean by dedication and love for a team. Imagine being willing to give up your beer money for the good of the team? This is beer money, and Christopher is ready to do this. I think the rest of you could learn a valuable lesson from this unselfish and, frankly, astonishing offer. I’m welling up just thinking about it.

  8. Dennis,

    I say we all pitch in and borrow the money for the Coyotes. If the NHL are offering 140 mil, we offer 150, buy the team and sell it to Jimmy boy for 240. Not a bad little profit in a day, right? So who’s all in?

  9. I think Moey has a good plan;if we all through our beer money in as Christopher suggests,trade in our empty cans and bottles(the beer ones)and make a bid on the team,then we move it to Clinton just outside of Cache Creek to their outdoor arena we good draw more fas there then they do in Pheonix…what do you say guys?

  10. Moey, you’re a genius. I’M IN! But I don’t think Gary will like us and will try to block us. Then we need a lawyer. And if we own the Coyotes, can we still cheer for the Habs when they play each other?

  11. Dang it, I can’t outbid all of you guys. I’m outnumbered. Argh. You just had to ruin it for me. Butbyou’ve got a great plan

  12. Consider it done.

    Speaking of Chinese hockey. i played some today at school, tallied a hat trick in 2 minutes and flashed the leather in net to the hopeless Korean boys.

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