Into The Drink

Darth sent this picture quite awhile ago but I couldn’t bring myself to put it up. Until now that is. I hope there’s enough lifeboats.

A 4-1 loss to the Washington Capitals. What, the Habs didn’t win? Seriously?

Question: Who would you consider the better defenceman – Tomas Kaberle or Bobby Orr?

Isn’t Kaberle fantastic! Except for that time in the first period when he was so mesmerized by a slow-moving puck that he forgot to reach his stick out to clear the little black thing, and presto, into the net it went. And his long shots are the kind goalies prefer in practice. The ones they can see and stop and not get hurt by. But otherwise, him or Orr?

Wait a minute, that’s ridiculous. You can’t compare Kaberle to Orr. Orr was the best ever. I don’t know what I was thinking.

What about Kaberle and Larry Robinson?

I’m re-reading Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, and there’s a passage in there where Kerouac and Neal Cassady are in a bar and a guy named Gomez is wandering around trying to pick up chicks. I don’t know how their Gomez made out, but I sure hope he scored more than our Gomez.

The Canadiens played with blood, sweat and tears. Okay, there was no blood. And so what that it only looked like sweat and tears and their faces were wet because they’d poured water on them. And exciting! Whew! I’m only now just recovering.

Hey, I’ve only got so many decades left and if I die before they become a great team again, I’m going to be pissed.

Rene Bourque notched a shorthanded goal, which was the Canadiens’ first goal against Washington in 260 minutes, or about the length of time it takes Brad Marchand to read a comic book.

Random Notes;

Those shots of Dale Hunter behind the Caps bench gave me a queasy feeling in my gut. The Habs and Quebec Nordiques enjoyed the most vicious rivalry in hockey, and Hunter was front and centre of it all. He was a nasty piece of business. Actually, a dirty, miserable prick.

Sunday, the boys are in Sunrise, Florida to take on the Panthers. Are you excited?



35 thoughts on “Into The Drink”

  1. Ironic that Hunter the coach benched Hamerlik for taking stupid penalties because Hunter the player took more stupid penalties than Hammer could ever take……

  2. That’s funny, Martin. Yeah, Hunter was back and forth to the box. And he hurt people. Dirty bastard.

  3. And Martin, just to add to that, there was a huge bench-clearing brawl between the Habs and Nordiques, everybody was in it, I used to have it on tape, and in the pairs squaring off, there was Mark and Dale hammering each other.

  4. On the Habs box set they have that infamous 84 game between the Habs and Nords. Great entertaining set. Much better than the garbage we’re watching now. So many of them are phoning it in that their phone bills are going to cost a fortune.

    Gomez was -3. Nice. They’re supposedly showcasing him which is a total riot. Who in their right mind would take the guy? If anyone asks for Kaberle they should ship him off instantly. He’s a real useless tit. He’s the anti-Orr.

    I will be amazed if we win the next two games. Some of them are nervous so they’ll probably play like crap on Sunday and we should have new members on Tuesday and we’ll have no chemistry so there you go.

    Cole looked so digusted tonight and I don’t blame him. What a horror show this is. I hope they don’t get too stressed as they lay on the beach tomorrow relaxing. We wouldn’t want that would we.

    Randy looked like he wanted to cry at points. Hell, I felt like crying at points. I think most of them aren’t playing for the Coach at all and what bothers me most of all is that they aren’t even playing for each other. I bet they all can’t wait till the season is over so they can have a nice summer off to relax and take it easy.

  5. Darth, the way they’re playing now they might never win another. Talk about a team with the heart and soul taken out. Cple did look disgusted, and he should be. He’s been just one of a few who has shown up every game. He can’t do it all himself. Gomez should go to the Swedish league. It would allow him to skate and not worry as much about the heavy hitting. Either there or the Anchorage Old Boys Beer Leaguers. Kaberle should go right to the Hall of Fame. Why wait?
    Gauthier needs to be fired, we need a bilingual coach, and we need housekeeping all round. And it’s time to start.

  6. Thought the same thing, Tom. I guess when your name isn’t Toronto, you get the leftovers. Montreal gets Sunday games and afternoon starts.

  7. Dreger is tweeting Gauthier says Moen’s untouchable, but hasn’t engaged in new contract talks…

    After years of reading, with minimal feedback, I appreciate this forum and your feedback. My wife and I are playing Canadien Survivor. We’re split on Bourque, I’m throwing him overboard. I don’t what my wife sees in his play…

  8. @Mike: Since his arrival as a Hab, Rene Bourque must have some kind of team record for hitting the crossbar and posts. He did it again last night but then he finally scored Montreal’s lone goal.

  9. NICE work Darth………agree with Mike re: Bourke. I have never been a fan of trading one bum for another of equal bum-ness………… Dennis. You are often at your best when nasty and brutally sarcastic.

  10. Mike, I remember Bourque killing the Habs during the Heritage Classic in Calgary and when we got him, I thought, okay, we got a sniper with a chip on his shoulder and this is a good thing. Now all I see is a guy mostly sleepwalking and if this is the way he;s going to play, he can go too.
    Also, I appreciate very much you coming here and having your say. It’s always good stuff you add.

  11. Danno, he just seems to play in a state of drowsiness. He’s got a good shot though, and could be valuable if he’d get off his medication.

  12. Hobo, I don’t know what I was thinking about comparing Kaberle to first Orr and then Robinson. But what about Denis Potvin?

  13. Leaf fan here for a “Cheer up the Habs Fans” moral booster…

    1) You are in the spot to grab 3rd ranked Ryan Murray from the WHL in the draft….He is being compared to Scott Niedermayer…Imagine the Habs defense in a few years with Subban, Tinordi and Murray …nice

    2) My Leafs are falling late in the season and maybe keeping you company in the lottery soon….

    So from a Leaf fan … cheer up … the sun will rise tomorrow and dream …
    Its only been 19 yrs for you guys but 45 for me….

  14. Yeah but Leaf Fan, you’re used to it. It’s in your DNA. It’s harder for us. And isn’t Ryan Murray on the small size, or maybe he’s still growing. I don’t know. And because Habs fans are nice people, we think Kaberle should become a Leaf again!

  15. OK then,how about Eddie Shore?? Opposition players must shudder at the sight of Krappyplay as they cross the blue line!

  16. One place lists Murray at 6′ 185
    Another lists him at 6’1. 195. He seems to be growing. Get him out to your place and put him on a diet of vancouvers ( the best French fry u ever ate and bulk him up..”…… Leaf fan is right, what a potentially awesome defence and don’t forget Emelin. …..Me thinks he is the man if Columbus doesn’t snag him. Better than a potentially high scoring forward with a kovy attitude.

  17. Hobo, those Vancouvers were the best fries ever. I’ve never had any as good since. Of course on most days we barely ate so maybe that was a reason they were so good. Yes, I want Murray bigger if we get him. What about some serious steroids?

  18. re:hobo

    I seen Murray listed at 195 (at 18 thats big)…Stay away from the Russians …a coach says boo to them and they are back in the KHL…
    Yes I forgot Emelin (223 lb 25 yr old) very impressive…


    Yes Dennis… Kaberle is actually a miss understood hidden gem..My psychic
    connection via blue rabbit ears has picked up rumours of the Leafs 1st pick next summer with Jake Gardiner that overrated young leaf defenseman thrown in for Kaberle and the Habs 7th pick in 2019….Leaf fans in Toronto are all a buzz ……

  19. A local radio guy (who is usually dead on) is going to have a big scoop at 645 tonight regarding the Habs. God only knows what it is but let’s all pray it’s good news and not the announcement of a new 15 year deal for Gomez.

  20. If Tony Marino’s the source, you can bank it’s bad. He wants McGuire as GM.

    Mol$on should be pleased, LEAF fans are feeling sorry for us… Lord, how we have sunk…

  21. Mike, I seem to recall Marinaro being wrong twice about Markov’s return. At least I think it was that. It was twice for something.

  22. Marinaro was right about Markov’s return. He actually said last year (2010-2011 season) that he wouldn’t be back till December of this season. But seems like something went wonky and now we still wait for the guy.

    I actually like the idea of McGuire as GM.

    Whatever happens I would like Robinson as assistant coach though. Put Youppi in charge for all I care as long as Robinson is there to work with our d-men.

  23. Darth, I’m at the point where they can change anything and I’ll like it. I know you’re at your wits end. I can feel it.

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