Into Habsland

We’ve been in Montreal for more than four hours and I still haven’t seen Jean Beliveau.

Yes, Montreal. Finally back after only 26 years. I see the trees are bigger now.

It was straight to a hotel in Brossard, where we’ll set up shop for a few days while we find a place to live. And we did it even with the GPS voice blowing his brains out a few times and having us all over the place. He’s about to be fired.

I prefer the nice soothing voice of the Australian lady. If I wasn’t married, I’d like her to bear my children.

Being in Montreal now is slightly overwhelming, but I like to be overwhelmed. Otherwise I’d just get old and shrivel up. Now we’re here, in Habsland, 6500 kilometres from where we started, and I’m pretty darn happy about it.


I see that Tomas Kaberle has been bought out and it only cost the Habs three million to do so. The stench of Pierre Gauthier lingers.


We’re going for a drive to see the Bell Centre. Maybe Mr. Beliveau will be somewhere around there.

I’ll be back later.

11 thoughts on “Into Habsland”

  1. DK, for a real taste of Montreal take Luci to Reubens on St. Catherines by Stanley, smoked meat sandwiches to die for & just around the corner on Stanley is Dunn’s another great spot. Was at Reubens last year just before game time and the atmosphere is electric!!
    Enjoy buddy but get a ground floor room as my Brothers in Quebec are also on strike, ah summer in the East!
    Cheers to a returning Legend!!!!

  2. I have lived here all my life and have never seen Beliveau… I did cross paths with Keanu Reeves tho…

  3. How about the famous Chez Parée nightclub catering to business men and sports fans since 1982.

  4. Hey Dennis ,I’m glad you made safely there, I sure hope you get a chance as a stick boy with big club,you deserve it.

  5. Dennis? You moved away from PR? And to Montreal of all places! Did they finally hire you as a stick boy? I will see you after next season at the 2014 Stanley Cup Parade.

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