Intermission (Rambling And Babbling On)


Rumour has it that Calgary Flames mascot Harvey the Hound, along with Snoopy, Goofy, Benji, Spuds MacKenzie, Huckleberry Hound, Marmaduke, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and all of the hounds of the Baskervilles have banded together and decided to boycott the city of Philadelphia because Michael Vick will be living there. “We never went there anyway because of Bobby Clarke,” admitted Harvey, “but the Vick thing takes it to a whole new level.”

And  Lassie’s grandson, Lassie, is considering making a bid for the Phoenix Coyotes. Lassie the 4th has inherited millions from his famous movie star grandfather, and is interested in becoming an owner. Gary Bettman, in an official statement, welcomed the new offer. “I’d rather have a dog as an owner than Jim Balsillie,” stated the commissioner.

I heard this on the radio the other day, and I can relate. “I only went to school when the pool hall was full.”

This is a sad and true story;  For months on, when I went into the doctor’s office, I’d talk to the receptionist. “Hi Kim” I’d say. Morning Kim, how ya doing, Kim, bye Kim, thanks Kim, nice day Kim. Then I found out her name is Michelle.

Yes it’s true. I almost gave Jean Beliveau a heart attack. I was at the Montreal Forum a long time ago, picking up a signed stick they’d given me, and at the bottom of the stairs somewhere in the building I stood silently and wrapped the stick up to protect the signatures. Suddenly, at the top of the stairs, the door opened and there was Jean Beliveau. All he saw was me wrapping some long thing up, like a gun. I THINK HE THOUGHT I HAD A GUN. Beliveau stopped in his tracks, the pleasant look vanished from his face, and he didn’t know whether to come down the stairs or not. “Hi Mr. Beliveau,” I said. “Just wrapping a stick.” And with that, he breathed a sigh of relief and came down. He reached for his pen to sign the stick, but I guess I had a case of the dozies, plus I was as surprised as he was, and I didn’t unwrap it for him. So he just put his pen back in his pocket, went out and I watched him go across the street and into the Texas Tavern for lunch. I still feel bad about this.

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  1. The Michael Vick sitatuation is ridiculous. he knows what he did wrong. I think that everybody, no matter who they are, deserves a second chance.

    Those are some harsh words from Bettman, just a few months ago, when he said he didn’t want Balsillie to buy the Coyotes, he said ” It’s not personal.”

    Haha, i can relate with this story, i called a guy in my school Jake for a whole week, his name was Jim. (not Balsillie)
    Although it’s not as bad as your story, it still was reall embarrasing.
    Me: “Hey Jake”
    Jake/Jim:” Hey… you know, you’ve been calling me Jake for a whole week, just so you know. my name is Jim”
    Me: “ohhhh…-_-… what’s up Jim?”

    Wow, you almost gave Jean Beliveau a heart attack, i wish i could do that.

    I met him 2 months ago, really cool guy.

  2. Hey Phil;I have gone through life being called …Gary ,Barry,Larry,Derrick,Gerry etc,mostly because nobody has ever heard of the name Derry.I don’t bother correcting folks unless ,as in your situation,I am in freguent contact with this person.This is not something to be embarrased about,shit happens,just go with the flow

  3. Haha, now that i live in China, all the Chinese people either call me Phillips (yes, they add an extra “S” for no reason) or they call me Felix.
    I’m starting to lose it.

  4. Dennis,

    My blog has been on intermisssion since the Habs exited the playoffs. Little known fact about me, I still cry at Lassie movies, even though I know she’s going to be okay. What about the littlest hobo? I guess he was still wandering around and not available for comment.

  5. The Littlest Hobo. Geez, forgot all about him. But I’m sure he’ll boycott Michael Vick too.

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