Inexcusable Mess In Montreal

Dallas 3, Montreal 0. There you go. Not even a goal. The fat lady is gargling.

It just doesn’t get any more depressing, this whole season, and when you look at the words of the assistant coach, you see a problem that can’t be fixed with the flick of a switch.

It was Randy Ladouceur explaining in just a few sentences, exactly what’s wrong with the Montreal Canadiens. Ladouceur, in speaking with RDS’s Marc Denis, said the team was outworked by Dallas, and weren’t getting to pucks first.

Outworked – in a crucial game, when a loss cannot happen. Dallas needed the game to move closer to a playoff spot in the west. Montreal needed the game to move closer to a playoff spot in the east. And Dallas outworked them.

How is that the Montreal Canadiens allow other teams to outwork them? How can it be? With so much on the line, with points and pride at stake, they come out and play as they have on so many nights this year, without drive and passion. Outworked.

To me it’s more than a flawed system, or underachieving, or weaknesses on the blueline. It’s more than Scott Gomez doing nothing, although that’s what he does on most nights. It’s more than overpaid floaters and ill-timed penalties and a pathetic power play. If a team is outworked, it’s because of lack of leadership, lack of hunger, and lack of will. So it has to be the failure of the coach, and the alternate captains, and Brian Gionta in civvies being in the room with them. There’s no real leader, and if you dispute that, then tell me why they are outworked by others.

This team being outworked is probably the worst thing we can hear. It means they don’t care as much as they should, don’t want to bust their balls and play like they’ve never played before to give it one big shot to try and reach a playoff spot. But they’ve been outworked, and this word is an obscenity to me and should be to all good Habs fans.

We’ve invested our hearts and souls and dollar bills in them, and they can’t even outwork the other team.

What a disgrace to see this, what a reminder from the mouth of Ladouceur that this team should be ashamed of themselves, because along with letting us down, they’ve let themselves down. And there’s nothing worse than a team wearing the CH to give up, go through the motions, and play like pussies.

What a sorry lot. Outworked. Imagine.


20 thoughts on “Inexcusable Mess In Montreal”

  1. I think the trading of Gill has made it clear to the players that management has thrown in the towel on the season..

    Its too bad for Habs fans because all the teams going after 8th spot are spinning their wheels with still 20 games to go…

  2. Four power plays in a row and nothing. Disgusting. We’re now currently 27th in the league. How we have fallen. To think that the mediocre teams we’ve had in the last few years look like SC champs right now. Jesus.

    This must be the Curse of Roy. Since he’s left it’s been downhill. Terrible.

    I feel so bad for those people shelling out all that money tonight to see THAT.

  3. Leaf Fan: maybe this is for the best. It’ll help weed out the floaters and we’ll get a high draft pick. God-willing this will be a hell of a lesson for all of them and next year they’ll come out with a winning mentality instead of this crap.

  4. You summarized it perfectly Dennis.


    They should all be ashamed. I hope they apologize to the fans at the end of the season.

  5. Hmmm, onlyjustfound out 6-7guys have the flu. Thats a pretty darn good excuse. Lars Eller looked pretty disgusted. Funny how it took 3/4 of a season to get disgusted. I think Eller needs to look in the mirror rather than criticise the team.

    Dennis, you need to shut your site down immediately after agame and re-open after people like myself have a night to cool down and become more rational.

    Stil very frustrating. Funny how we areonly 7 points out of a playoff spot though. Now that is pretty goofy.

  6. If you guys are true habs fans as you claim, you should be happy they are losing, any way they can. I won’t use the dreaded word “tank” for fear of offending some less seasoned followers, so let us just call it playing for the future…….. Last fall most of you guys were offended because some scribe called the habs a mediocre team instead of the elite team y’all claimed them to be. Well, you’re all wrong. They are a shitty team, not even mediocre. Hopefully bottom four….. They stink from the special advisor, the GM, the coach on down thru the ranks to the farm team. That is a fact that no one in their right mind can dispute. no excuses…… Forget about playing for pride, the CH on the sweater, earning all the money they were so foolishly signed to and least of all, the fans who give so much of themselves. That is corporate party line crap, akin to vadican dogma. Delusional. Just like the elite team of the pre, pre season days.

  7. I’ve gone elation over new efforts (Buffalo last week) to disgust (the Devils Sunday night) to apathy (a reflection of the effort put forth last night). The ONLY upside is a hope that it was the last home game for Kostitsyn, Gomez (a stretch), Campoli, and Gauthier.

    I really wonder if Geoff Molson is watching the same game as my family. Does 1620 miles make that big of a difference?

  8. Everyone feels they have a solution to the problem we call the Habs. P.G. needs to go … Markov needs to come back soon … We need to be bigger down the middle … Boycott Molson beer … The only real solution is to ride out this horrid season and see what Mr.Molson does with the direction of this team at the end of the season. He is after all a business man and hopefully knows what to do in difficult times. It’s always easy to be in charge when things are good but “when the going get tough… ” what will he do? If he doesn’t make a directional move at the end of the season before the draft then our collective voices need to be heard in ticket sales and empty seats but until then we have to sit patiently and do the tough thing ourselves and WAIT.

  9. Hobo, on the contrary, I’m not happy one bit that they’re losing, and yes, I claim to be a true Habs fan. I don’t believe in tanking, I don’t think it’s right, and I think the people who spend 400 bucks to go to the game wouldn’t be all that thrilled about them losing on purpose either. And tank for what? A draft pick that may or may not make a difference? Yes I was offended when that writer suggested they were a mediocre team, because on paper I think they’re a good team. A good team that has stunk most of the year. And being outworked, and blowing leads, to me says it’s another type of problem. A mental thing, a lack of leadership, whatever. And you say forget about playing for pride and the money they earn and for the fans who give so much of themselves? What’s wrong with doing all that? That’s not corporate line crap, that’s just normal stuff that should happen. Am I delusional. No. I see what’s happening. And because you feel they should tank doesn’t mean everyone should feel the same way.

  10. dra58. It’ll be interesting to see how Mr. Molson goes about this. For one thing, the Gomez mess should’ve been dealt with months ago. It’s had a lingering effect on all fans minds, and aside from the money he makes, he’s been quite pathetic most nights. He hasn’t helped the team and it should have changed, regardless of the contract. I agree with the boycotting of his beer. Hit ’em where it hurts most. It would probably have the biggest impact of anything. I’d love that people stayed away from the Bell, but there are so many season tickets, and so many people that would love to go to an NHL game, that it probably could never happen. Like in Toronto. Things need to change quickly. Not on the scoreboard, that’s pretty well shot, but in management and players. This has been such a dreadful season.

  11. Mike, Molson sees the sold out tickets, the line ups to the beer counter, the souvenirs selling like hot cakes, and it makes him and his shareholders extremely happy. What doesn’t make him happy are all those extra millions he’d pull in if they were in the playoffs. Gomez needs to go. That’s one of the first things. Show the fans they mean business, that they’re listening to us. With his price tag we could’ve signed two excellent players. And if he would have scored a measly ten goals, for example, we might have won a few more games and been closer to the playoffs. But of course it’s not only Gomez. Being outworked blows my mind, although some have the flu. But they’ve blown leads all year, can’t win at home, and we’re not blind, we see floaters.

  12. Danno, Molson drinkers have to switch to something else. Make Geoff Molson sweat a bit. And if they keep Gomez for another year I’m going to have a heart attack.

  13. Darth, it’s the curse of bringing in high prize midgets in a time when size matters. Gainey and company didn’t get the memo.

  14. I’m not advocating tank and throw games. The team is not going to make the playoffs, IMHO so the lower they finish the better. I cheer for them every game and want them to play well also and I admire your not giving up the ship, but it is a sinking ship run a ground by incompetence from above. The players know that. They are trying but it is a mess. They see what is going on. Can you imagine the real conversation that goes on behind closed dressing room doors. As soon as some one strays from the party line and tells the truth they get shipped out of town like cammy. You have to be proud of the organization to play with pride…… All I’m saying is, the lower they finish, the more drastic the future moves will be and not just players. If they played the game on paper with all the ifs and a shit load of luck they are a mediocre team at best. There are future bright spots, and the future is all that matters at this late stage……..Not trying to be negative, just realistic.

  15. Well put, Hobo, and what you say makes sense. You’re absolutely right, the lower they finish, the more drastic changes will be made (you would think, anyway). You’ve explained it perfectly and something big has to happen on several fronts. I can’t recall a more dismal season.

  16. Welcome to the abyss Hab fans….You will observe many zombie faced grey hairs in blue sweaters….I warn you not to stay here long as delusion starts to set in…..Hope for non panic moves from ownership and management…Hope your scouts are good ….

    from a grey hair blue sweater with one foot still firmly in the abyss

  17. Dennis, I am thinking about not going. I can’t do that cause it will be my 10 yr old daughters first NHL game and I want to be there. I thought of a paper bag but am thinking of making a ‘Habs Suck’ sign and wearing my white jersey. But you know I think they will be in the playoffs by March 10.

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