Inconsequential Habs Report

I wasn’t able to be in Brossard today for the Habs’ on-ice drills, mainly because I’m 4912 km from there. So I missed Alex Galchenyuk do the Hurdy Gurdy on Peter Badaj. It reminded me so much of when I was…….never mind.

You can see young Galchenyuk undress Budaj at three basic places – TSN, Hockey Inside Out, and Darth. I chose Darth.  Galchenyuk shootout

Really, I have nothing more to say. You can read what went on in day 2 of training by people who were actually there, like and Hockey Inside Out. I was way too far away.

The Vancouver Canucks held their training camp in Powell River back in the eighties and I see no reason why the Canadiens can’t hold their camp in Powell River some day. It’s just too hard to get to Brossard from the West Coast. I’m saying it isn’t fair. Hey Montreal citizens, we’ll let you have the Canucks at Brossard while the Habs come here. Change is good.

The wives are welcome too! I’ll make sure they’re comfortable while the boys are working out.

So it’s settled. Sometime in the next few years, Habs in Powell River, Canucks in Brossard. I’m excited! Thanks Montrealers.

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  1. I highly recommend visiting one of these camps/training sessions. It’s packed like hell most of the time though but the experience is awesome. I went last year but missed this one but I will try to see next season’s.

    I love how Galchenyuk makes it look so easy. I think he’s going to make us all sick by how great he will be. Hello anti-Gomez.

    You can keep the Canucks. They’re all yours Dennis. I’m too greedy and will keep my Habs thank you.

  2. Another inconsequential report is that Montreal has traded 25 year old Brendon Nash (8 points) to Florida for 26 year old Jason DeSantis (9 points). The NHL only acknowledged the trade today, but each has already played 4 games for their new AHL team, DeSantis scoring 2 points, Nash 0.

    I’d like to make up a story that this is a sign of upcoming defenceman movement, but no can do, this is inconsequential.

  3. I missed it because it I was sleeping on Sunday. I got up late, walked the dog, then I realized what day it was. Oops. Then the rest of it happens during work dammit.

    It was such a madhouse this year (horrible parking, an extreme amount of people, etc) that it’s just as well I missed it. I will try to see them next year though since they usually start on a Saturday.

    At least I have my sacred Rocket Richard piece now. I shall pray to it and light my “Go Habs Go” sign on each game day to make up for my sin. Maybe if I pray to the Rocket enough he’ll grant us a 25th Cup already.

    I prayed for a change in the club and it you never know. 🙂

  4. Wait a minute here …Del Zotto signed for 2.55 mil for 2 seasons….How can Subban be asking for 5 million a year…..They are both on the same level plus with Del Zotto you don’t have to worry about the the oxygen being sucked out of the dressing room by the PK persona …

  5. I have to agree with Leaf Fan in Ottawa, when Markov blew off a question about PK last year I thought it might just be sour grapes. Maybe PK is so full of himself he becomes an oxygen theif in the dressing room!!

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