In This Corner……And Other Things

In this corner, wearing the blue, white, and red trunks, standing  5’11’ and weighing 197 lbs, from Montreal Quebec……. Michel (Mike) Therrien!

And in the other corner, wearing some kind of pink frilly thing, standing 6 ft. and weighing 205 pounds, (or 190 clean shaven), from Grostenquin France and Antigonish, Nova Scotia,…….Paul (the Walrus) MacLean!

Okay men, I want a clean fight. May the best man win.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd is stunned. Horrified. The Walrus’ eyeballs are bugging out. It’s insane. Stop the fight! It’s too hideous to look at this poor fighter right now. Put an end to this madness before any more damage can be inflicted to his face. Women are screaming. It’s horrible. People are throwing up. Some have fainted. Walrus looks like he’s been hit in the face by a sledgehammer. He’s in trouble. This can’t go on. We hope and pray he’s okay.

Oh. Wait a minute…..The fight hasn’t started yet.


Brendan Gallagher is one of three finalists for the Calder Trophy, which comes as no surprise to any Habs fan. The guy has been one of the team’s most important players this season. He’s been fantastic, a ball of fire, a crowd-raiser. Good for the other two rookies for becoming finalists, but our guy deserves to win. There can be no doubt. And I’m not biased.

Thanks to Danno for sending this – Gallagher a finalist.


The Montreal Canadiens owe me thirty dollars.

I had several Habs in my hockey pool, and was enjoying being in first place by a good margin. But when the team began their slump late in the season, the guy in second place began to make strides. In the end, he caught me and won by one point, all because Price and the others stopped getting me points.

Of course the difference between first place and second was only thirty bucks, but regardless, I would have won if they hadn’t been so shitty near the end.


I fully expect huge games from David Desharnais and Michael Ryder on Tuesday night. Goodness knows they’ve had enough rest.


I have an old friend named Rugger, a great guy, and one who doesn’t mind poking fun at his team, the Leafs. He sends this:


Of course, he also sent this, which I’m not happy about.

Rugger 1



8 thoughts on “In This Corner……And Other Things”

  1. Shouldda, Wouldda, & Couldda– I hope those three guys get benched tonite
    & Will, Pride,& Discipline get more ice time. Play your game, you got a good chance, play their game, you play golf early. I don’t play golf!!


  2. I have a good feeling about tonight. The Habs put themselves in the position of losing big time and paid the price. They proved their point and will get back to business tonight. They will play their speed and specialty teams game and will win. I just hope Prust doesn’t take on Gryba becuase I thought #8 had a bad shoulder. Of all the players, he is one ofour MVPs. We will likely get our first OT game tonight. I predict OT or the Habs will win going away. If they start fighting, I think we will lose the game, going away.

  3. Checking in from Argentina, hoping for a big win.

    Wish I’ve been around the blogosphere more this season, but spending a semester in Argentina means crappy streams and little time for hockey related things. They’ve only got soccer on their mind down here (or football as everyone but us says). Last night my cities third division team won the championship and were promoted to the second division in front of a crowd of 57K (very impressive considering they also have a first division team). Experiencing a championship only makes me want more. If the habs make it much further I’ll have to book an early flight home!

    Lets see what these kids can do!

  4. We were robbed.

    And now we have Prust and Price on the injury list.

    It’s going to take a miracle to win this series now…

  5. Gillis!! Argentina? What tha….
    Just great to hear from you. What a surprise! Hope you’re enjoying everything down there, and I can only imagine what the women are like. What an excellent experience you’re having and something you’ll never forget. Just don’t stay there.

  6. Mayo, they played okay last night for a while, but the old habits came back when they began to sit back. Losing last night truly sucked and hurt.

  7. The women are everything you’d expect. Cheap booze, warm weather, only thing missing is hockey. Definitely coming back, hopefully just in time for the parade.

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