In Response To An Idiot In Detroit

In response to the nonsense spewed by a Detroit writer regarding the city of Montreal, the Montreal Canadiens, and fans of the team. I don’t really want him to give any more exposure than he already has, but I need to post the link so I can reply to it. Here it is, for what’s it’s worth: Montreal Morons

Now I’d like to respond. You live in Detroit. Home of race riots, auto manufacturing layoffs, ghettos, streets unsafe to walk, and the lowest housing prices in the US because no one wants to live there. You call yourself Hockeytown, and yet your rink shows empty seats on a nightly basis. And yes, the Red Wings have been more successful than the Habs in the last decade or so. But does that make you Hockeytown? Especially when in general, your team has been good lately, and after that, only in the early 1950’s?

You’re upset that some Montreal Canadien fans booed the Star Spangled Banner. Do you think we’ve never heard Americans boo our anthem? I’ve heard it from various rinks in the US for years. Are you just now starting to watch NHL hockey, or have you been coming late to games for the last ten or twenty years, after the anthems have been sung? Or do you just have selective hearing? Are you kidding about disrespect to a neighbour? I’ve gotten many comments on my blog from American fans about how ugly Canadian women are, how ugly our flag is, how cold it is (yes, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, etc,  are in such a tropical climates), and so on.  And the bit about you defending us in war. We’ve joined you in fighting the enemy. You’re not  defending us. We’re in this together against the bad guys. And we’re doing a helluva job with lives sacrificed.

Montreal is Siberia for hockey players? Most Red Wing players can walk the dirty, dangerous downtown and suburbian streets of Detroit without being noticed. If a player in Montreal walks the European flavoured, cosmopolitan, clean streets in Montreal, or a place like Montreal Massage, he is treated as a Hollywood star, someone bigger than life, an icon. If you think there are no endorsements available in Montreal for the Montreal Canadiens players as opposed to players living in Detroit, Philadelphia, Florida, and Altanta, you’re not only misinformed, you’re an idiot. Hockey players in Canada are bigger than life individuals. But of course, you wouldn’t know, You’re a whole bridge away, maybe a mile from Canada. Are you one of these guys who think that as soon as you enter Canada, you see skiing in July and igloos, like so many of your counterparts?

Southern teams don’t know about Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Guy Lafleur etc? Oh, such a shame. We feel really bad about that. Our world is crashing down because many Americans don’t know these names. Why would you even bring this up? What does it have to do with anything? We don’t know a lot of names from Nascar, but we also realize Nascar is popular and good. Such stupidity that you would say that.

It’s surprising that you would be so ignorant of the culture of the Montreal Canadiens. I’m not surprised  however, of your ignorance of Canada. You live so far away.

9 thoughts on “In Response To An Idiot In Detroit”

  1. Well put Dennis, its really sad that there is people that stupid. Americans like himself give alot of good ones a really bad name in Canada and anybody who agrees with any of the non sense said by that fool doesnt know shit from there asshole (sorry for the language Dennis but that guys comments got me a little fired up). Great response though we can only hope the moron reads it.

  2. Imagine this guy, Jordy. Some people booed his anthem, but ours has never never been booed by Americans? And so on. Thanks for your endorsement. And by the way, did you ever know Cleve Kinley?

  3. Ah yes America. Land of the free – as long as you agree with us, and home of the brave – just why did you wait so long to join us in WWII?

  4. Dennis,

    I dont really know cleve very well. Hes one of the better hockey players to come out of powell river around my age though. Hes gotten in a few games in the AHL with Grand Rapids and Springfield. He plays more regularly in the ECHL and puts up respectable numbers there.

  5. Montreal is the cradle of organized sports.

    Don’t get me started on war…

    But people can say what they want. It’s apparently “in” to bash Montreal in every shape and form these days.

    It’s a shame the Wings players didn’t join their coach for the ASG. (Bash us all he wants, but his team’s coach went to our prestige university, thank you. He still wears his tie too). A warm welcome awaited them and many were disappointed they declined. They would have been treated like royalty on the red carpet…

  6. Don’t let the idiot get to you. I’m guessing more Habs fans have read that trash now than his own readers. And I think those other idiots at HIO encouraged him by posting the link in the first place.

    How does that saying go? “Sticks and stones can hurt me, and boo my country’s song and I’ll fly in a rage”?

    I feel sorry for him. He must not sleep very well at night – if just a couple of boos can get a person down, how would half the world hating your country make that person feel? Americans by and large are lovely, and are justifiably proud of their country, but wow they can be naive and clueless.

  7. I read the post a few days ago and I was wondering why no one really thought of talking back. Good for you to step up dennis.

    The part that really annoyed me was the neighbor bit and how they would protect us. It’s as if he’s comparing the countries to two brothers. He assumes US is the big brother and will protect the little brother as long as he doesn’t annoy him at all.

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