Important yet Bulls**t Story About Mat Sundin

Yes it’s laziness to copy another story, but in this case, I thought it a pretty good idea. Because this story, although denied, is the first little sniff in the Mats Sundin saga in about a week. Which means maybe Montreal still has a shot. But like I said before, the guy stands a good chance to suffer injuries.
But Mats Sundin would be a good addition to the Habs. And as long as he stays healthy, they could even win the Cup with him. (And again, please excuse the lack of capital letters in this paragraph. I’ve no idea.)

Sundin’s agent confirms no deal with Canucks

Last Updated: Sunday, July 20, 2008 | 7:17 PM ET

The North American agent for Mats Sundin, above, denies a claim that the centre will play play for the Vancouver Canucks next season.The North American agent for Mats Sundin, above, denies a claim that the centre will play play for the Vancouver Canucks next season. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)A Swedish newspaper has reported that Mats Sundin has agreed to a deal with the Vancouver Canucks, but the centre’s North American agent has denied the claim.

J.P. Barry, Sundin’s North American agent, has confirmed to CBCSports that the report by Dusan Umicevic in Sweden’s Daily News is false.

In an interview with a Vancouver radio station earlier this week, Canucks general manager Mike Gillis expressed confidence that Sundin, who became an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career on July 1, would still accept the club’s offer of a two-year contract valued at $20 million US.

Sundin has been the subject of intense interest from several other clubs including the Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers. A return to the Toronto Maple Leafs also remains an option.

The Swede has posted 555 goals and 766 assists for 1,321 points in 1,305 NHL games with Toronto and the Quebec Nordiques. He was selected first overall by Quebec in the 1989 draft and traded to Toronto five years later.

Sundin, 37, has yet to play in a Stanley Cup final. He earned $5.5 million last season on a one-year deal that included a no-trade clause.

Maple Leafs general manager Cliff Fletcher had given Montreal and the New York Rangers permission to talk to Barry prior to July 1 in hopes of working out a deal.

The Vancouver offer would make Sundin the highest-paid player in the NHL. Sidney Crosby of Pittsburgh and Alexander Ovechkin of Washington currently top next season’s salary list at $9 million US apiece

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