Important Message To Christopher, Moey, and The Other Money People

I’m saddens me to announce this, but I have decided to back out of becoming partners with Molsons in owning the Montreal Canadiens. Too many things have come up – I need to get an oil change for my car soon, the price of beer has risen, and my wife has now informed me she wants another fancy hair styling job. So the numbers just don’t work for me, and I am now officially out of the running to partner with Molsons. I hope they’re not disappointed with my decision but I know they will be fine.

I would just like to take the time now to thank all the backers – Christopher, Moey, Yves, and maybe Mike if he would’ve worked a little more overtime fixing elevators. And maybe even a few others. Although they forgot to send cash.

It’s very disappointing to realize that I will not be owning the Montreal Canadiens. I will now never be stickboy, or official guy who makes the players’ wives comfortable.

The money I have raised, more than $190, will either be donated to the local rummage sale, or maybe just beer for me at the closest pub. I haven’t decided yet, but beer is leading at this moment.

Hopefully Molsons will do a fine job and be fantastic owners, even without me in the picture..

Thanks for everyone for supporting me. The blog will continue though.

Sorry for this

12 thoughts on “Important Message To Christopher, Moey, and The Other Money People”

  1. Hey Dennis- after tonight’s game in Calgary……beer sounds good….vodka, moonshine, screech….anything to dull this pain & agony.

  2. That’s too bad. Think of the wives who will suffer without you to make them comfortable. I was also looking forward to an invite to the owner’s box.

    Although I promised you my weekend beer money, I never sent anything. If I can’t use it for a good cause like the Habs, I’ll just have to donate it to science. My experiment will be to determine which lasts longer in a bar, the money stash or my ability to stay upright. Looks like the Molsons will be getting the money after all.

  3. “The blog will continue though.” YES!

    Also, N31, I doubt ‘Je suis Shane Doan’ in a nords jersey would go over too well with the bertrands and réjeans.

  4. Dennis, don’t despair. I’ll make you a silent partner when I buy the Coyotes, I need a guy with good old fashioned hockey sense. What I know about running an NHL team could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

  5. Thanks 31. I don’t know why we need so much money to buy a franchise. Can’t we just use money from game-night ticket and beer profits to pay the bank back? Why do we need it beforehand? Life isn’t fair.

  6. Chris. You never came through. Just when I needed fifty bucks or so to impress the board of governors, I didn’t have it. All because you were probably out doing some kind of scientific experiment involving beer and scantily-clad waitresses. Now, the players’ wives will remain uncomfortable. It’s tragic and could have been avoided.

  7. Dennis,

    Of course you can still cheer for the Habs as I will be. Call me a mercenary but I’m buying the ‘yotes just to make money. It’s strickly business.

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