Imagine – A Habs Fan Hosting

How refreshing it would be to have a Habs fan hosting Hockey Night in Canada.

This, from the National Post, with thanks to Hobo for sending it along.


“TSN reporter Bob McKenzie tweeted Sunday the CBC host of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight will become the face of the show when Rogers Communications Inc. takes control of Canada’s NHL broadcasting rights next season.

“Stroumboulopoulos, who was a presenter at the Canadian Screen Awards on Sunday, was not made available for comment. A spokesperson for Rogers’ Sportsnet also declined to comment.

“The hiring of Stroumboulopoulos would be the first major personnel change made by Rogers after acquiring the NHL rights in a blockbuster 12-year, $5.2-billion deal in November.”

14 thoughts on “Imagine – A Habs Fan Hosting”

  1. It would be nice to not have to constantly glare the tv at the steady stream of anti-Habs propaganda emanating from it……..

  2. I can’t wait to hear Don Cherry try to say George Stroumboulopoulos’ name. He can’t even pronounce Luongo properly! 🙂

  3. Maybe they’ll get rid of Cherry as well. Honestly I can’t imagine anyone liking that arrogant, xenophobic clown.

    I’m glad I never listened to CBC’s hockey commentators. How awful to be a Habs fan and constantly hear crap about your team. I’m amazed they actually let this happen. It’s so juvinile.
    Anyway, go Habs go…

  4. Can you fill me in on this guy? Living in this land’o’mine, Canadian television is unavailable, and until our House of Representative is cleaned out on the right side, will be for a very long time…

  5. More than anything, I’m hoping P.J. Stock goes. I’m grinding my teeth down to the nerve from hearing and seeing him.

  6. Mike, George is a younger, sort of hipper guy who has had a TV “interview with celebrity” show for quite as few years now. I think he’s okay. Most importantly, he’s a Habs fan and says it with pride. I honestly don’t know how well he’s suited for this gig but I suppose he’ll be fine. So we’ll see. All I can say is, he’d better defend the Habs when the others are slagging them.

  7. @Marjo, when the CBC did Montreal games in the past it was a Habs & anglophones dream come true to listen to Danny Galivan & Dick Irwin do the play by play. Plus the intermission did NOT consist of Toronto centre of the universe asses making light of our team. If able listen to the broadcast of the 7th. game between Boston & our Habs, you may know the one when Mr. Pompous had too many men on the ice, that was classic Danny!

  8. Hey Mike, absolutely. No one could touch Danny. I still get goosebumps when I hear old slices of games he called.

  9. DK, maybe you could send the same clip you sent me to Marjo of that game, the penalty the tying goal plus the glorious OT!

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