I’m Worried For A Lot Of People In Toronto

I find it difficult to even say. Not quite like telling your parents you’ve decided to join Al Qaeda but right up there.

The Leafs have a chance to make the playoffs.

Presently, on this sunny Friday afternoon, Toronto is only four points (six, if the Hurricanes beat Pittsburgh tonight) behind Carolina for eighth spot in the east.

Of course the Habs, who play Carolina on Saturday, will stay out of the penalty box, scorers will score, Scott Gomez might even notch one, and the Hurricanes will bow to Montreal. So Toronto just needs to do what they have to do and they’ll continue to scratch at the door.

Surely Leaf players and brass have no idea what to make of all this.

It’s like people who are newly-retired. They don’t know what to do with themselves. It’s just too weird in the beginning.

If the Leafs make the playoffs, what about all those jokes and hilarious Leaf signs proclaiming how dismal they are, or bars who promise to give away free beer for Leafs playoffs games, all the while knowing that of course the Leafs won’t be in the playoffs?

Or fans who turn out with bags on their heads? What about them?

Millions of us have enjoyed good solid Leaf humour over the years and now what? What if they slip in? What happens to the excellent jokes and signs?

“How are the Maple Leafs like artificial Christmas trees? They both go straight to the basement around the beginning of January.”

Reality should raise it’s head soon though, and Toronto will soon slide back into oblivion where we need them to be and where they belong and feel most comfortable, and Torontonians can put their paper bags back on their heads, bars can start advertising free beer again, and jokesters can get back in the saddle.

“The 3 most commonly told lies: 1) Your cheque is in the mail; 2) I’ll still love you in the morning; 3) the Maple Leafs will make the play-offs this year.”

All will be right in the hockey world. Won’t be long now.

3 thoughts on “I’m Worried For A Lot Of People In Toronto”

  1. Hey Dennis,What a great sign that is,I got a good chuckle out of that one.I actually dont think Don Cherry is all bad,he has some moments but I like the way he speaks his mind about bettman and the refs.I also like his comments on good performances from rookies and such.

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