I’m With Jack Todd On This One

We were extremely happy with Scott Gomez in game one. So happy in fact, that we were willing to forgive and forget. Some even went as far as saying that it’s the playoffs when Gomez shines and earns his money and we shouldn’t be concerned about his lack of production during the regular season.

I was ready to eat the several thousand words I had slammed Gomez with over the past six months.

That was game one. Games two and three, Gomez was back to normal – laughing, not doing much, just being Scott Gomez.

Which brings me to Jack Todd. Sometimes I strongly disagree with the Montreal Gazette writer and his ramblings, and other times I love what he does and admire him. When the Forum closed down, for instance, Todd wrote a beautiful piece about the ghosts of Morenz and others long gone, skating out on Forum ice for one last time after everyone had gone home. It reminded me somewhat of WP Kinsella’s whimsical Field of Dreams

I can be angry at Todd, like the time he insisted Montreal fans have no right to say “we” when talking about the team. I took offence to that and have never stopped saying “we.” Right now, I feel “we” can go a long way if every player shows up on a nightly basis.

In the Gazette, Todd writes about Gomez playing in the final minutes of the Canadiens loss to Boston in game three, how the player stayed out far beyond the time he should have, and was a non-entity throughout. I agree with the long-time Montreal writer, and the article makes me seethe about this overpaid and underproductive number eleven.

Here’s the story – Centre of Attention. I’m thinking you might agree with Mr. Todd this time too.

And no, I’m not ready to forgive and forget Gomez’s pathetic regular season. Not yet. Not until he shows up every night in this postseason and makes a huge difference. Like in game one.

10 thoughts on “I’m With Jack Todd On This One”

  1. The difference between you and Jack Todd, Dennis, is highlighted here. You gave Gomez credit for Game 1. Todd didn’t and instead just waited to wield the axe he’d been sharpening earlier in the year. The fact he had to go to a minute level of detail (one that hardly anyone ever takes notice of — long shifts) further indicts him as a vengeful glory seeker.

    I thought the Habs showed great spirit in coming back from some rather unfortunate goals. I include Gomez in that.

  2. That’s fair enough, Topham. But if Gomez ends up with only game one as his bragging right, then something is definitely out of kilter. Gomez showed in that first game that he could make a difference but in most of 84 other games, he hasn’t made a difference at all. I don’t know why. Maybe no one does. I also think that long shifts are noticed by many and that it was a valid point by Todd. It kind of reminds me of the 1972 Summit Series when they couldn’t get Phil Esposito off the ice. Only in that case it turned out just fine. In game three the other night, a fresh Plekanec just might have changed things.

  3. you are too kind dennis in giving gomez credit for his effort in game one. one game does not a season make. sather or gainey are not to blame for the brutal effort gomez displays now. gomez is taking a spot that some one who may show some effort should have. 8 big ones is no reason to play gomez. cut your loses and move on. it is about winning……….. JM is totally to blame for gomez even being on the ice let alone in the dying seconds of a game when WE need a goal…… he benched subban to teach him a lesson, whatever that lesson was but refuses to do anything to get gomez either going or out of there………… the only way gomez can redeem himself with me is to score the cup winning goal in overtime in the seventh game and i would still have him in the ahl next year. of course i would have JM in ottawa coaching the senators again. it is where he belongs.

  4. Hobo, I was so disappointed to Gomez back to normal in games two and three. I (we) was really hoping that he would magically become the playoff hero after such a dismal season. There’s still time for Gomez to have some great games yet. I just wonder why he left it at game one like that.

  5. Yes, Todd can be infuriating, but he isn’t always wrong. We’ve all be waiting for the big reveal with Gomez, and it seems to have only lasted for one game. Since we can’t seem to see a way to get rid of him, it makes me wonder why we had to give up anything at all to get him. Now, we’re stuck with him.

  6. Yes, Todd can be infuriating, but he isn’t always wrong. We’ve all be waiting for the big reveal with Gomez, and it seems to have only lasted for one game. Since we can’t seem to see a way to get rid of him, it makes me wonder why we had to give up anything at all to get him. Now, we’re stuck with him and don’t have McDonaugh either.

  7. I predict Halpern can make a big difference tonight with his face off capabilities. Hope he’s not too rusty. Maybe we’ll be able to keep it in their zone during PP and out of our zone during the PK. Price will have a big game. Unfortunate Gomez is the player he is. No integrity. If only he steps up to normal and contributing? Our team plays better when closer to desparate so we will see a better team tonight that doesn’t want to go back to loser-town tied.

  8. I’m going to be kind to Gomez and say I won’t care if he never scores again. As long as he plays with heart for a solid 20 minutes shutting down an opposition top line, while making some good passes to Gionta who knows how to bury the puck. He would still remain as the most overpaid 2nd line centre, but when he does that we’re unbeatable and so I’m happy. That’s what he did in the first game, just do it again. What isn’t acceptable is to float over the blue line and hand over the puck, worse is to leave his man unattended in front of the net and most definitely to never end the night at -3.

  9. Chris, Gomez is a horrible floater and very weak checker. So when he’s not doing much offensively, he’s doing nothing at all. I thought after game one he was picking it up but I see it’s not to be.

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