The “Once-Proud” Habs Have Always Been Proud

The flag is held high at the Saltery Bay ferry terminal, the crew thought it was funny, and although I wondered what the Captain might say, all was fine and dandy. Traffic loading and unloading all day saw the proud CH in all it’s glory.

And speaking of proud, maybe what rankles me the most when I read the sports page or listen on TV is when someone, in describing the Habs, says, “The once-proud Montreal Canadiens.” Are they proud now, media darlings? By taking out the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, does it mean you’ll stop describing them as such?

Players who come to Montreal and embrace their new home and team, like Mike Cammalleri and Scott Gomez, continue to make the Montreal Canadiens a proud team. A now-proud team. Seeing Jean Beliveau and Henri Richard and the other old greats simply oozes pride. The 100th anniversay celebrations last December certainly showed a proud organization. The majority of players are, I’m sure, proud as punch to wear the famous jersey.

The team just hasn’t won a lot of hardware in the past while, which several million Habs fans feel will change shortly.

Maybe now this tired and depressing description will vamoose. So stop it. Call somebody else a “once proud team.” Why don’t you call the Phoenix Coyotes “a once-proud team.” Back in the old days when they used to be the Winnipeg Jets.

Now, to shift gears.

Whoever it is who winds up playing the Habs, whether it’s Boston or Philadelphia, is going to get nothing but respect from me. In the last few years when the Canadiens met either of these teams in the playoffs, the papers and blogs in these fine cities gave Montreal absolutely no respect and I took it to heart. So I came out swinging and did my best to counterpunch with my own brand of disrespect to the Bruins or Flyers. I posted a monkey in a Bruins uniform, a Bruins team picture with girls’ heads pasted on, and similar silliness with the Flyers. I admit, it upset numerous fans down there, but I realized I didn’t really enjoy what I was doing. I know I hate it when it’s done to the Habs, and so I’ve turned over a new leaf. 

I’ll probably still make fun of the Leafs, though. I’m not perfect.

Whoever Montreal meets, it’s going to be tough. We’re not the underdogs anymore. The team is probably favourites now in the next series, although if they get to the finals and meet San Jose or Chicago, no one will give them a chance once again. And even though the Habs have slayed the dragon twice, lack of respect has already reared its ugly head. Several scribes have come out and said the Penguins were exhausted from going the distance last year and having a whack of players who played in the Olympics. I think it’s a lousy excuse, for what it’s worth.

But regardless, respect for the Habs is coming slowly. Very slowly. Turtles pace maybe. Although Canucks fans around here have shown great admiration for the Habs doing what the Canucks couldn’t.

9 thoughts on “The “Once-Proud” Habs Have Always Been Proud”

  1. a lot of talk radio guys in t.o. still think the habs can’t keep it up. but they also admit they are a good team and are playing like a TEAM. the pens really had no depth. all their money in this salary cap era went to a few players. after those guys they’re not very good……….. i think a hab blackhawk final would be a great series. two good hockey teams. so what if it is minus crysbee and ovenchicken. it is after all, a team sport.
    go habs

  2. Hobo – Habs and Hawks would be great. I’ve also noticed that the TV broadcasts out of San Jose have quite lousy colour so we don’t want that.

  3. Gillis – sometmes it does this. I don’t know why. It’s happened a couple of times to Danno too. I think sometimes a link is misconstrued as maybe spam so they want me to look at it first. Pay no mind to it. It may never happen again.

  4. I had a great day today Dennis. A Leaf fan friend of mine who always puts down the Habs and who predicted they would be eliminated by Pittsburgh came up to me this morning and shook my hand and told me the best team won.
    And all day long smiling happy people would point and say, “Hey man, nice hat! Nice sweater! Go Habs Go!”
    And I didn’t mind that many of those people were pretty women!
    Which brings me to Gaston.
    The REAL reason we defeated the Penguins was because of Gaston playing hide-the-wienie with that lovely-looking doll-friend of his.
    Those hockey gods smiled down on us as the earth shook under their little doll feet.
    And ever since Mr. and Mrs. Gaston shared their moment of bliss Habs fans around the world have enjoyed one big collective multiple playoff climax.
    Nice work Gaston.

  5. Oh man, Danno, if I tell him it’ll go to his head and he’ll be even more obnoxious.

  6. When a team has a history like that of the Canadiens, the pride will never go away. Kudos to you Dennis for hoisting the flag for all to appreciate.

    Gillis, great story, loved the lines “True fans are tired of trying to expand the brand. Sick of trying to follow the puck? Don’t know what the Halak is going on out there? Fine. Bye. Enjoy LeBron James.”

  7. Dennis, get ready for the Habs to face Daniel “car bomb” Carcillo. If the B’s let slip a 3 game lead, they don’t play as a team and don’t want to win badly enough.

    Nice flag-flying the colors! I’ll be cheering on Sunday! (Naturally watching tonight to see who advances.)

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