2 thoughts on “I’m Now A Brian Burke Fan”

  1. Good interview. Sure have to feel for the man and his tragic loss. I have to disagree with him about the NHL ice size being a non-factor – not favouring North American teams that is. I would think if the ice surface was European-sized there would be an edge to European teams who are used to playing on the bigger rinks. Burke says European players are in the NHL are are used to the small rink size, which is true. But the reverse is not – therefor the edge.
    I think he’s right about goaltending being a big factor. It will in all likelihood determine who wins the gold medal.

    Here is the link to the interview from CTV –


  2. Danno, we’ve heard forever about European size rinks favouring Europeans, so you’re right, why wouldn’t North American-size favour North Americans. And we need Brodeur to sparkle. He’s a confident guy and I think he will.

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