I’m Not Surprised. Yes I Am

I’m surprised yet not surprised that the questions in my ongoing quiz are being nailed by readers. I suppose I could go through books and dredge up completely obscure questions that would be nearly impossible to find answers to, like Gaston LeBois had five penalties one night and while he was sitting in the penalty box, how much water did he drink?

I think it would be boring.

I think it’s more fun this way.

I’ll just carry on from time to time with things and hope at some point I’ll stump everyone. But somehow I doubt it.

For those who have just checked this blog out, I’ve been asking question for the last couple of weeks. So far, everything’s been answered in lightning time.

The previous quiz, about McNiece’s, was jumped on right away by Christopher and Danno. Like I say, I’m not surprised.

McNiece’s store was located at the old Forum, around the corner on Atwater, prior to renovations in the late 1960’s. They not only sold sports equipment to customers, but also supplied the Montreal Canadiens with sticks, jackets, tape, skates and other things, dating from the 1940’s through to the 1960’s. The Billy Reay game-used stick I have from 1948 has the McNiece’s stamp on it.

I was at a game at the old Forum in 1964 or so, and I took the picture at that time. I knew about this store when I was a kid because I had ordered a team jacket from them back then.

I forgot to remove my finger from the shot. And it may not look like it but that’s the Forum in the background.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Surprised. Yes I Am”

  1. What I’m not surprised about is that a team finally picked up Dominic Moore. What I am surprised about is for how little the Lightning paid. Only $2.2M over the next 2 years. That’s the same average as he made last year as a key part of Montreal’s trip to the conference final. I was expecting $2.6-3M over 2 years.

  2. Hey Dennis, Nice pic,I enjoy looking at old pictures of historic places.I was at a game in the forum on febuary of 95,I dont remember seeing that sports store,was it still there then?

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