I’m Not Speculating On Speculation

I refuse to be brought in to the speculation game, about who Montreal might trade and trade for. I’m not Bob Gainey and I’m not Kreskin. So I don’t know, and you don’t either. None of us know what the Habs have in mind.


I don’t know if you’ve ever read Bleacher Report, which is a sports site that lets regular people become sports writers. It’s a site that covers all sports, written by dozens of staffers, so if you can’t get hired by a newspaper, you can always write for Bleacher Report.


Anyway, someone from Bleacher Report is now saying that Montreal is interested In Vincent Lecavalier, and Tampa Bay is interested in trading him. And the writer goes on to suggest that all the Canadiens have to do is part with Mike Komisarek, PK Subban, Tomas Plekanec, and Chris Higgins, or some combination thereof.


Maybe it’ll happen, maybe not. It’s only speculation.


They even started a poll which asked, “Will Lecavalier go to Montreal?” with 52.4% saying yes and 47.6% saying no.


Rumours abound, and not just at Bleacher Report. We hear everywhere about Toronto’s Tomas Kaberle heading to Montreal, about Alex Kovalev and Saku Koivu heading out, about Jaroslav Halak being part of a package, and about young quality Habsters like Sergei Kostitsyn being eyed by others.


I’m not going to get sucked into this. Whatever happens happens. If anything will happen at all. And I’m not crazy about the thought of losing PK Subban.


All I know is I don’t want the team disrupted. They’re doing fine. 


And yes, Vincent Lecavalier would look good in a Habs uniform.



10 thoughts on “I’m Not Speculating On Speculation”

  1. Vinny would sure look good in a Habs uniform. His 85 million dollars contract over 11 friggin years wouldn’t look quite as good in the Habs books.

  2. That’s a lot of Habs to be trading… and Vinny would look good in any uniform… but that is beside the point. The point is he would look better without a uniform 😉 I don’t think I could comment on that trade as for I am only a bandwagon Hab fan. but if I had to say, I think you would be correct.

    (Your title is very amusing.)

  3. I’m thinking that Plekanec, P.K. Subban, and a 1st rounder should do the job, and if the Lightning do offer Lecavalier to the Habs, they shouldn’t give up any more than that, and for sure not Komisarek. As far as his monster contract goes, the Canadiens will be doing some major salary dumping this offseason, (starting with Kovalev, who won’t be needed as much if they have Lecavalier, and possibly Tanguay,) and space shouldn’t be a big problem.

  4. I hate trade talks. They mess up a good team and ruin a future good team. Trading PK should be OUT OF THE QUESTION.

    He’s also too expensive for what Bob signs people to. Seriously, I’ve not seen any huge contracts on this team since the failure of Theo’s…

  5. @dave- it doesn’t matter if there’s room this summer for his ginormous contract. It’s 11 years long!

    That means, next year when you have to re-sign Price, Sergei K. and Max Lapierre and the cap is still 56M because of the economy, you don’t have enough money.
    And the year after, when you have to re-sign Andrei K., Andrei Markov, Roman Hamrlik, Max Pacioretty, Josh Gorges, what do you do? You lose a couple of them… despite them all being very important players. Why? Because you’ve committed too much for too long on 2-3 players and your team starts to look like Ottawa, Tampa Bay or Pittsburgh.

    The GM’s job is not only to look at this year and maybe next. He has to project his team into the future and ensure both talent-wise, and cap-wise, he can keep the team competitive and a contender.

    Unfortunately, with the players the Habs currently have, it doesn’t make the team competitive in the future to trade for Lecavalier, as much as I’d personally love to see him as a Hab.

    Besides, the team is having its best season in more than 10 years, why would you change it??

  6. And agreed with number 31 and Dennis- PK Subban is a no-no, this guy needs to stay and develop. He’ll be our Scott Neidermeyer in a couple of years and to me, it’s a lot more important to develop a super-star blueliner than it is a superstar forward.
    Just my opinion though…

  7. Agree with U, James. The purpose of a trade is to make a team stronger not weaker and taking on long-term big bucks contracts for a few players will, as you make clear, only do the former. The goal is as always to win cups and this can only be done with depth throughout the lineup. Top-heavy teams do not succeed. Even Gretzky in L.A. with a fairly decent supporting cast couldn’t do more than challenge for the cup one time.

  8. I really hope we don’t get Vinny. I don’t think I could give up the cacaphony of moaning about lacking a true #1 centre, or moaning our lack of a true superstar game changer, or moaning about Gainey’s lack of initiative.

    On the second hand, think of the uptick in bitchin’ possibilities if it doesn’t work out.

    All of a sudden I’m torn.

  9. Vinny was gonna looks good in Montreal Jersey, but he’ll not. Today, Lightning GM told he’s not gonna be traded, and never will be. Sorry Montreal, your dream is off.

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