I’m Not Liking Hockey So Far

The pre-game introductions for the Canadiens’ home opener, with each player taking the mike and saying “Je suis Scott Gomez”, for example, was different and I honestly can’t ever remember seeing this before with any team. So that was good, even though half the players were hard to understand. (but we knew what they were saying anyway – “Je suis….”.

Sadly, this 3-2 loss makes it four losses in a row, and I don’t care if it’s game six or game sixty, losing four straight is very bad. It’s difficult to make ground at any time, but when you really start to fall back, it’s even harder. So they have to turn this around pretty soon. The good news is the Senators, Atlanta and the Islanders are coming in, and to take nothing away from these fine teams, it’s just much better than Washington, Boston and Pittsburgh coming in.  And the Canadiens will probably have lots of trouble with Alex Kovalev and his Ottawa gang.

The Canadiens looked good in many parts of this Colorado affair. Everyone was skating, and the latter part of the third period saw as frantic action as you’ll ever see. But a loss is a loss, and this has to stop soon or Jacques Martin could be kissing his benchboss job goodbye.

Not that I want to be a pessimist.

Random Notes:

The crowd was noisy. This is an excellent example of what you learn on this site.

Josh Gorges is much more offensive this year. He may end up scoring five goals!

Roman Hamrlik and Tomas Plekanec notched the two Canadiens goals.

When are we going to see a big offensive outburst?

13 thoughts on “I’m Not Liking Hockey So Far”

  1. Colorado was last year’s doormat, what happened? I’m not going to be pessimistic yet, but this loss cut my little string of delusion that every thing was still OK. I’m with you, we (I) need a confidence building, crazy big win over Ottawa on Saturday.

    I hope you’re not giving the first Avalanche goal to Gorges. So far he’s my pick for most improved and with Markov out, our top D.

  2. That was disappointing, I’m not so convinced that our new top line is better than Koivu/Kovy/Tanguay. We may as well get used to the fact that they are going to struggle for every point until Markov is back. *Sigh*.

  3. I’m pretty sure they’d look a bit better with Markov and O’Byrne in the lineup.

    There’s no escaping the fact that this season won’t be a walk in the park. Markov could be out longer then the estimated 4 months.

    Gorges play was pretty good… and I thought Shawn Belle didn’t look out of place at all.. the shot that went off his skate… can’t really blame him for that.

    They better win soon… because I have a feeling the boobirds will flock to the Bell center soon.

  4. i think it’s going to take at least a month for us to get on track. start to get the chemistry going and finding their groove, this is going to be a painful month and a lot of catching up to do.

  5. Hey Dennis;I was packing to head for the island and (holy shit) I forgot the game was on,I picked it up at the start of the third period,the Habs looked good in their play then,Carey Price has to get some confidence back.I don;t know about the first two periods but he wasn’t to sharp in th third for sure.

  6. Derry, I’m still not sure about Price. Maybe he has some sort of unorthodox style that makes him look like the puck could go in at any second. Montreal played fairly well in the first, not so well in the second, and could have won it in the third. Like Yves said, pretty soon the boobirds will be rising from their slumber.

  7. Gorges definitely seems to have more confidence with the puck this year. I like his style and we could use more like him. It’s time to win a game. Shit.

  8. So far, Moey, the new line isn’t any more effective than last year’s. But I think it’s all going to change. Like Phil said, it’s going to take a while. It’s all because they took away the big CH’s at centre ice.

  9. Nerves definitely got the best out of Price. He never seems to play well in Vancouver because of his family in attendance. And although all 3 Avs’ goals weren’t his fault, he did seem kind of shaky, and making desperate lunges.

  10. Guy-Guy-Guy as in Carbo, should still behind the “Bench” !!!
    Les Canadiens should not be a mirror image of the “LEAFS” !!
    Cheers from the East.

  11. Mike – Saturday’s visit by Ottawa is going to be a really good test. Maybe Martin will come out smelling like a rose.

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