I’m Not Giving Up

Indeed, things look bad for our Montreal Canadiens. Horrible, in fact. Mired in 11th place, only two from 15th, which of course means life sucks.

But I’m not giving up hope until the numbers say they’re done, until that overweight-yet-lovely lady sings her sorrowful tune.

Yes, ending up at the bottom of the heap and grabbing a heavy-duty draft pick is the silver lining. But my mind’s not there yet. And so I watch the schedule and see who’s playing who, and I can only hope that the right teams win, depending on how things relate to the Canadiens.

Tonight, on this St. Valentine Day when I send out my love to the players’ wives, I see several games worth noting. And they would be:

New Jersey in Buffalo. The Devils sit in 6th place with 66 points, (Montreal has 55) and Buffalo is in 14th, just one point behind the Habs. So even though it would be nice to see both lose, I think it’s of the utmost importance that Buffalo falls flat so they don’t jump over the Canadiens. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, I think.

It’s a bit trickier with the Ottawa-Tampa Bay game. Ottawa is presently in 7th and it would be excellent to see them nose dive right out of the picture, but Tampa, like Buffalo, is only one point behind Montreal, so we need the Lightning to screw things up.

The Islanders are in Winnipeg, and this sucks in a big way, considering the Jets have just three points more than the Habs while the Islanders are yet another team behind Montreal, one point back. But if the Habs are going to make the playoffs, they need to catch some of these bastards, so I’m cheering for the Islanders. Although my heart’s not in it.

Last but not least, the Leafs are in Calgary, and Toronto is the team now on the bubble, sitting precariously in the 8th and final playoff spot with 62 points. So all together now – Go Flames Go!

Of course there are other games on the agenda tonight, like the Rangers in Boston and Chicago in Nashville, to name a couple. But none of these games have any affect on things, so they can do whatever they want. Maybe Brad Marchand will get a puck in the nose.

I’m not giving up. Not yet. But some of these other teams have to step up to the plate, cooperate, and strike out.


13 thoughts on “I’m Not Giving Up”

  1. I’m trying to keep the faith but I’m not going to let my hopes go up too high. I hate to be a downer but I’d rather be a pessimist and be surprised than an optimist and be disappointed.

    I hate leaving our fate in the hands of other teams. Damn them for losing last night! Thank you Kaberle you meathead you.

    Gomez got chewed out today at practice. I am so glad that guy finally was told off. It was about damn time. Let’s hope he gets a bus ticket to Hamilton soon.

  2. It’s in the fate of others, Darth. We saw last night that they’re not going to do it themselves. What a bummer that game was. What a bummer Kaberle was. Any idea why Gomez was reamed out? Was it for laughing while the coaches were talking?

  3. Dennis, it’s tough but I’m cheering for Buffalo and Ottawa. I should be cheering for Tampa Bay over Ottawa, but I can’t bring myself to cheer for a franchise I don’t respect over a Canadian team even if I don’t respect them either.

    I find it’s always better to cheer for teams in the following order.
    1) Our team, we need to win and win a lot to make the playoffs.
    2) Western teams, their points don’t affect our playoff chances at all.
    3) Teams above us in the standings we can completely give up on catching. Even if they only win a quarter of their games we still won’t catch them (NYR).
    4) Teams below us in the standings. Even if winning means that they will temporarily pass us in the standings. If we can’t out point them to the end of the season we won’t catch the other teams either.
    5) Teams above in the standings we likely won’t catch. If they win just half their games we won’t catch them (BOS,PIT,PHI).
    6) When stuck with 2 teams we need to catch they need to alternate.

    Either that or give up on catching teams 1-7 and just concentrate on Toronto because we all know they’re the one most likely to choke and fall out of the playoff picture.

    Most importantly, no loser points for other teams. No respectable league would ever introduce such a brain-dead system. They’re an insult to the fans, players and teams.

    Kaberle is Gauthier’s curse on us because he didn’t think we were suffering enough with Gainey’s Gomez curse.

  4. Danno, wow, is that ever interesting. Gomez not taking things seriously. At this point in the season. Somehow I’m not surprised.This guy has to go. How many times can we say it? I find it so nutty to see such peace and love toward Gomez lately. They say, he’s a great guy, leave him alone, he’s a great team player blah blah blah. He’s been a uselss bum for much of a year and hasn’t helped the team at all. It’s because of him and a few others that we’re in this mess, and he’s the highest payed player on the team to boot. He’s a joke and there’s no peace and love from me. The CBC guys love him and it makes me sick.

  5. Dennis, you will enjoy the highs of the next Stanley Cup the Habs win after these depressing times. Nothing stays the same. Have a shot or two along with your Dennis Kane XXXX strong beer.

  6. They were, Marjo. And we need this kind of cooperation every night. Biggest thing now is beating Boston tonight.

  7. Diane, it’s so true. Nothing stays the same. We’ll be back and these days will be forgotten. You’re absolutely right – some of that beer will make one forget anything.

  8. My Leafs lose again last night…god

    Hey Habs the Leafs are parting like the red sea handing 8th spot out there

    on a platter…..Now the Islanders have moved into the mix…wow Huge


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