I’m Not Doing Handstands About The Standings

I’m going over the standings situation in the Eastern Conference and frankly, it’s kind of making me want to do some serious drinking.

Montreal presently sits in ninth spot, which isn’t good enough, and just a hair behind Ottawa who has the same number of wins, losses and points but has more goals for. (129-119). The Habs are also two points behind the recently-surging Philadelphia Flyers and three behind both the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers which in itself is quite nauseating.

The guys at the top – New Jersey, Washington, Buffalo and Pittsburgh, you can quit looking so smug. At least one of you up there in the expensive seats will implode soon enough.

Fifth to thirteenth in the east is very close, and it stinks. The New York Islanders have the same amount of points as the Habs but have two less wins. Behind the Islanders are Atlanta and Tampa Bay with 46 points, only two less than the Canadiens. Even Florida, in thirteenth position, has just five less points than Montreal.

It makes me sick.

What can a good Habs fan do to help the team? Forget about the top four for  now, we’ll work on them in March. It’s these other pesky teams that need to be dealt with. Boston, the Rangers, Philly, Ottawa, the Islanders, Atlanta and Tampa Bay all need to lose, starting right around now.

I know they will. I’m just putting it out there.

Ottawa, naturally, will stink to high heaven from here on in and I feel bad for Sens fans who drive that long and lonely drive after yet another loss, all the way from Scotiabank Place which is practically in another time zone.

I said I feel bad for them, but of course I’m just being silly.

But Ottawa’s just one team. It’s those other bastards I’m concerned about.

Maybe if we concentrate on these teams losing, they’ll lose. If you know any good hex’s, feel free to use them. And if you have any voodoo dolls dressed in any of these enemy uniforms, start jabbing. Make them hurt. Injuries would be good too.

There’s also the matter of my annual bet with co-worker Sandy. It’s a bet of who finishes with more points, Vancouver or Montreal, and Sandy’s smugness should be illegal. I saw her the other day at the check-out counter at the supermarket and she asked me with this big gloating grin on her face if I realized how many points the Canucks have, which is 56, eight more than the Canadiens.

Anybody got a Canucks voodoo doll?

Overall, I’m just not liking the Habs’ position right now.

9 thoughts on “I’m Not Doing Handstands About The Standings”

  1. Hey Dennis;If your planing on some heavy drinking you wont have to worry about standing,or the standings for that matter.I’m hoping the Habs can string together a pile of wins and make some ground on the Sens and the Bruins.I think injuries may become crucial in this part of the season and the Habs already have had theirs.I think I will have a beer next month,or maybe more watching the olympics.

  2. Derry, we just have to hope the injuries are finished like you say. You’re waiting to have a beer next month? I’m thinking quite a bit sooner than that. PS. I used to deliver groceries in my truck to Loblaws in Hawkesbury.

  3. Thats cool,I never lived there just born there.I lived in Thurso back then.I hae been off the alcohl for just about six months due to high cohlestrol.The doc asked me if I could give it up for 6 months so as of july 31/09 i’m an alcohol free zone,look forward to a cool one next month though.I’m off to play hockey,check back after

  4. Best of luck Derry, making it 5 months and through Christmas is amazing. You must have strong will power. That beer next month will taste magnificent.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement guys,I didnt seem to get hangovers very often,it was something that i had success with 5 years ago in controlling my cholestrol so the doc wanted me to try it again.I never realy had any wanting of it ..except on dec4 when i was travelling to gold river to watch the Habs on their annivrsary.I thought maybe I would but some beer ,pull out my forum chair and watch the game,then i came to my senses.

  6. Dennis, your friend Sandy will soon have that smug smile of her’s wiped off her face. Big-Mouth Burrows has blown any chance of success for the Cannots. He did it by breaking the code of silence against bad-mouthing refs. By going public about Stephane Auger, he ensured that Vancouver will not get any fair treatment from the boys in stripes. The refs will have their way. But this time, they’ll be smart about. The Brotherhood is strong — and silent.

    Derry, you have amazing self-control to resist a cold one during that great centennial game. Good luck and good health to you.

  7. canucks droppeed another one. Gullaume got another point. good for him. I like Benoit better. he is going to do well i think. good to have a game tonight finally. what a boring week. We are about where we expected to be after teams caught up a bit. Now its up to the leaders on this team and rest of players to show their stuff. Hope we have the right stuff, especially being fairly healthy. its the right time guys.

  8. We could wind up in 7th place if both Ottawa (likely) and Philly (less likely) lose. Ottawa is up against the Rangers, Philly plays the Laffs.
    Time to boogey.

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