I’m Liking LeBrun’s Guess

For me, Ilya Kovalchuk is as talented as Alex Ovechkin, and during a question and answer thing at ESPN.com with Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside, LeBrun threw this out:

What jersey will Ilya Kovalchuk be wearing at the end of the regular season?

Burnside: We’re guessing now it won’t be an Atlanta Thrashers jersey, so we’ll go with a dark horse, the Philadelphia Flyers. Second choice? Chicago Blackhawks.

 LeBrun: Just for kicks, how about the Montreal Canadiens? They’re a surprising eighth in the East at the midway point, and GM Bob Gainey was ready to sell the farm for Vincent Lecavalier last season. Why not Kovalchuk?

3 thoughts on “I’m Liking LeBrun’s Guess”

  1. Montreal stay away. I think the reason Atlanta may be willing to trade Kovalchuk is because they think he’ll be playing in the KHL next year.
    I agree it would make sense for Chicago to trade for him at the deadline, with their upcoming salary cap problems, this year may be their best shot at a run for the cup.
    For Philadelphia to make such a trade, they would have to be very scared of not making the playoffs and get desperately silly.

  2. Hey Dennis;I think I agree with Christopher,stay away.We just got rid of one underachieving Russian who commanded top dollar for little effort in return.This guy may be another Marion Hossa,get a big contract,make a run at the cup,disapear next season.We have guys on the farm who will look forward to the oppurtunity to show themselves,lets not trade away the immediate future to lose out ,lets stay on track and develop the young guys.

  3. Derry and Chris, the reason I could get excited at the prospect of having Kovalchuk is because the Canadiens need a real star in the likes of Morenz, Richard, Beliveau and Lafleur. We haven’t had one in decades and Montreal fans, including me, need a hero to wear the sweater. The Montreal Canadiens without a big guy is getting old and tiresome. Kovalev didn’t do it because he was so hot and cold. I think Kovalchuk is extremely dangerous. Just too bad he’s not French-Canadian.

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