Saying Hello To Stanley, er, Nelson

I’m in Nelson visiting the Habs 2027 first-round draft pick and his two sisters who will probably either play for the Women’s Olympic hockey team or win a Nobel Peace Prize, and I decided to check out this little city which has a main street very similar to my old home town Orillia. The info below came from a Nelson website and I thought it was pretty interesting, especially the “Stanley” part.

“Located in the Selkirk Mountains, on the shore of Kootenay Lake in southeastern British Columbia, the city of Nelson was founded in 1886 and was originally called “Stanley” after Canada’s Governor General, Lord Stanley. Nelson’s hockey roots reach much further, however, producing great NHL talent including Danny Gare, Pat Price and Greg Adams. The small city was also the hometown of Lester and Frank Patrick, hockey’s royal family, whom many credit with creating modern hockey with several innovations including the addition of blue lines, the forward pass, penalty shots and the playoff system.”

One thought on “Saying Hello To Stanley, er, Nelson”

  1. I love how what a bunch of gold prospectors and miners really wanted was to make a little money, start a hockey team and win the Stanley Cup. They knew the cup, the Canadiens and the Forum would soon be there for them.

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