I’m Here If You’re Bored

Just so you know, and I say this every year, that even though this is a Habs site, I carry on and post 365 days a year. So please check in if you have nothing else to do. But if you really are too busy from here on in, just don’t overdo things if you’re a little out of shape. I want you ready to go for the Habs’ Cup run beginning next fall.

I woke up this morning with a hangover. A clear, non-head-hurting hockey hangover. Whew, that’s a mouthful!

Last night when the game and series ended, it was strictly numbness filling my head. I turned off the television and wrote my post and wandered around the house with most brain cells turned to dim or off. 

This morning, though, I woke to the full and lousy realization of what had happened. The Canadiens are finished for the year and this is something I’ve never come to grips with, never gotten used too. I’ve been alive for 18 Montreal Stanley Cups, but have also been around 42 times when they’ve not been able to hoist Lord Stanley’s hardware, and 42 times it’s felt quite shitty thank you very much.

I know I’m not supposed to feel like this. It’s just a game, they say. And I tell myself that I’m a grown man and there are so many other things in this crazy, screwed-up world that I should be more concerned about. But I love the Montreal Canadiens, as many of you have already figured out, and I’ve simply learned to juggle my life, to work and raise a family and follow the news and vote and cut the lawn and drink some really strong beer and try to live a normal and somewhat responsible life, all the while keeping lots of room for my team.

I don’t know if this had anything to do with my divorce 20 years ago but it’s possible I suppose.

Now the ride is over for awhile. I watched a cricket game from India late last night if you’re interested. They hit the ball all over the place and then nothing happened after that. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Again, if you feel like stopping in, I’ll be here every day, babbling away. If you don’t come back for awhile, I’ll be babbling anyway. It’s just better if I’m not talking to myself, that’s all.

Habs gone again. Geez I hate this feeling.

8 thoughts on “I’m Here If You’re Bored”

  1. Ah, Dennis, you need all your online friends! I’m here and don’t hate me for living in Massachusetts.

    Watch the playoffs so you can strategize when you are the owner.

    I know the Bruins will be beaten by the Flyers, so that should cheer you up.

    There’s the royal wedding tomorow and travel plans during the summer. I for one am always here for you and look forward to your insightful posts.

    Perhaps a bit of DK really strong beer with Gaston?

    Your friend, Diane.

  2. Diane, thanks so much. Someday I hope to meet you. You’re a great gal and definitely part of the management team when I take charge. I’ve never been to Maaaqchusetts but I know it’s a great state. And I love that so many of you sound like John F. Kennedy. Gaston and I are going to drink 17 pints of DK Really %$#^& Strong Beer and watch the royal wedding. I was going to go but I wanted to be part of the wedding party and they said no so I’m boycotting.
    Thanks again, Diane. You’re awesome.

  3. Dennis,

    There’s a whole summer of cricket for you to cover. I think you have a gift for it.

    There’s a whole Habs nation who need to understand “leg before wicket” and you’re the man to teach them.

  4. Blue Bayou, the first thing I need to understand is why the guy with the ball runs so far before bouncing it in. Couldn’t he shorten it up a little?

  5. Dennis,

    A spin bowler takes a short run up ’cause it’s the spin off the pitch what confuses the batsman, a medium pacer uses a slightly longer run up and generally wants to make the ball move in the air (swing), but if you’re going to bowl in excess of 90mph and use pure speed to beat the batsman or just scare the diddlies out of him, you need the run up.

    By the way, I was wandering a wormhoole of interweb memories when I alighted on this from the early 90’s. One of my all time favourites. Vic Reeves Big Night Out. Did it get across the pond?

    I saw immediately where Colin Campbell got the basics of his disciplinary code.

    “The Twisted Court of Judge Nutmeg and the Wheel of Justice”


  6. No need to babble alone, Dennis. My eyes anxiously await your posts! Besides, there’s loads to discuss/keep up with as we follow the decisions management will make this summer.

    Be good,

  7. Fear not when you go into the corners for you wont be alone. I’ll be right beside you Dennis.

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