I’m Going To Just Keep Reminding You

With the dust settling on the large night at the Bell Centre, and with the Flyers still a couple of days away, I’ll just use this moment to once again remind folks that you can win a lot of stuff including many Habs items and various rare things, just by entering, which costs nothing and takes almost no energy whatsoever.

I’m giving away many things I’ve collected over the years because as I get slightly older, I feel I want to thin things out a little. Some of this stuff is fairly rare, and it also doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll ship it to you free of charge. 

And enter as many times as you like.

All you have to do to win a bushel of Habs memorabilia and other stuff is google Orillia or Powell River and tell me something about one of them and you’re entered. It’ll take you about 60 seconds. Check out what I’m giving away and what others have said at win lots of good shit.

Increase your collection in a big way.

I’m planning on drawing the winner’s name sometime during, or just after, All-Star weekend.

17 thoughts on “I’m Going To Just Keep Reminding You”

  1. Hey Dennis,I havent read all your responses yet but here is a fact that I learned on my first trip to Powell River,the pulp mill there was once the largest pulp mill in the world.I never knew that before I went there.I was staying at the Fugere’s and Arnie”s dad told me this fact.

  2. Derry, not long after I moved to Powell River I rented Arnie’s basement suite at the Fougere house. And I work with Arnie’s sister. What a small world.

  3. Thanks to Dr. Andrew Henderson, Powell River became the first community in BC to have a medical plan for its citizens in 1910, deducting one dollar from each workman’s paycheck to cover medical costs.

    Dennis, gotta love travel & tourism websites. Only wish modern medical plans still went for a lousy dollar per paycheck.

  4. According to the Powell River Museum:

    •Powell River had the first dial phones in B.C.
    •Powell River had the first Sick Benefit Society in B.C.
    •Powell River had the first totally wheel chair accessible lake – Inland Lake
    •Powell River had the first forestry lookout, in Canada, on Mt. Pocahontas, Texada 1924
    •The Powell River is the second shortest river in the world. It is 5/8ths of a mile
    •Powell River had the first Credit Union in B.C.
    •Powell River had the first Radio-Telephone in B.C.

  5. Alexander Charles Baillie, born 1939 held many high end positions in life & is a member of Orillias Honour Roll. He was an avid bird watcher & well respected, To this day & every year to honour his passion we fellow birders hold a charitable event called the Baillie Birdathon.

  6. Mike, how come there’s no street or building or area named after him? Seems like there should be.

  7. Dennis, not only is Orillia your fine place of birth, but it also is the original and current site Mariposa Folk Festival. There is the Perch Fishing Festival which catches and releases the perch and September 7th if the Beatles Festival.

  8. Diane! I’ve missed you. How’s the house and new area? And doesn’t Orillia sound nice to you?

  9. Dennis, Orillia sounds marvelous to me. The house and new area are coming along nicely. If the real estate market has leaps and bounds in the next 15 years, I’ll have my nest egg and come to Orillia!

    Too busy but I haven’t forgotten you or Tyg, Mike, Hobo and everyone else. No witch sightings yet.

  10. Diane, I know you’re busy. I was wondering if you had forgotten that we’re here and you say you haven’t and I feel better.

  11. diane,
    i know orillia sounds like a nice place but it is really a shit hole which is why none of us have lived there for 40 yrs. anyone who stayed behind is either dead or in prison………… this is raw fact and i hope it buys me another ticket for the draw.

  12. Orillia has an arena named after Brian Orser! That’s pretty cool. He’s actually from Belleville, so I’m not sure of the Orillia connection, actually.

  13. Thanks, Rookie. I think his coach Doug Leigh was from Orillia so he trained there. Good one and good luck!

  14. Geez Hobo why don’t you truely tell us how you feel! I like to remember those day’s as the “Boy’s” as a great time in my life. I’m sure Kerry & Cathy & Bob & Susan would be surprised that they are dead or in prison. Must of us left because more lucritive opportuneties could be found elsewhere. Chill out brother.

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