I’m Going To Celebrate The 4-0 Win With Some Two Dollar Beer

I know this probably sounds far-fetched, but yesterday as we were walking around the Las Vegas strip, dodging Mexicans handing out flyers for girls available in 20 minutes, I got thinking about the upcoming Ottawa game, and I thought, why can’t the boys put together a solid, 4-0 type game?


Then, when we were sitting in O’Shea’s casino, home of the two dollar Miller beer, of which I was drinking several, the scores came on and I saw that the Habs had indeed won 4-0.


Now if I can only channel these kinds of thoughts at the slot machines.


By all accounts, it was a solid game, the kind that teams use to break out of their doldrums. A much-needed shutout by Carey Price, a much-needed big game and hat trick by Chris Higgins, and just a much-needed win, period.


If it’ll help the Habs, maybe I should be in Las Vegas for every game! What do you think?


And because I didn’t see this game, I need to know – did Alex Kovalev play well? And were the Senators really flat, or were the Canadiens just great on this night?


Imagine if the Habs would’ve lost this game after the ridiculous bullshit in Toronto? But they didn’t. They won big.




OTHER NEWS: I see Tom Kostopoulos has been suspended three games. I’m not going to defend this, but I’ve called for a suspension for Mike Commodore after he went after Andrei Kostitsyn’s head during the recent Columbus game.

The Kostopoulos thing happened during a high-speed ramming into the boards which was careless but can happen. Commodore’s was a vicious and intentional elbow to the head, just after Kostityn had returned from a concussion. I think there’s a big difference, even though Mike Van Ryn was hurt badly.


Regardless, it’s not good, it’s never good, and I have no problem with Kostopoulos sitting for three games even though he’s one of my favourite players. 


Oh darn, I have to go downstairs and gamble now, and after that head over to the House of Blues for some free music. Oh, and I suppose I have to see some more fine waitresses shuttling about. And then there’s those two dollar beers……


To be continued….. we’re here for a few more days.



10 thoughts on “I’m Going To Celebrate The 4-0 Win With Some Two Dollar Beer”

  1. At last we put out for a full 60,the results speak louder than words. By the way DK why don’t you just block further inane posts by,in his words that IDIOT pho phuk yoo!!!!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!!!

  2. Somehow I think this guy is trying to be funny. I actually laughed at his last comment. (from the previous post). So I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

  3. I agree, you should be in Las Vegas every weekend if it brings wins like this.

    Kovalev was on fire, so was the entire Koivu line. Besides Higgins, Koivu was the best player on the ice. But the entire team played excellent. All effort, and energy, and more intensity than they have played with all season. It was amazing to see them, and I’m hoping this solid 60 minutes of play is what they can give us every game!

    I don’t know if you saw the headshot from Ruutu on Lapierre, but Ruutu is getting suspended for 2 games because of it. Bouillon got into a fight with Ruutu after the hit.

    But man, those guys we cheer for are pretty darn awesome:)

  4. Kovy is magic. And he never wants to leave the ice, it seems. He’s also magical at drawing penalties as Spezza hooked him right in front of the ref. Bravo! Oh and he’s blocking shots too. How awesome is that? So, where’s Bob and that contract extension…

  5. Dennis. In 1992 I sat with you by the pool at the Excalibur Hotel in Vegas and you were going to put money down on your Habs to win the Cup. You didn’t…..and they did. Perhaps this is the year you should pry some of that money out of your pocket and make that bet again.Just a thought!!! JW.

  6. UH? Worried about the innocuous comments of a crude dope such as phoo phuk yoo and not concerned about the far nastier comments of the Three Stooges (where or where have those mentally-challenged outraged self-righteous Roy-luuuvers gone?) and subtoxastic’s smarmy hypocricy (hmm, hardly a regular, eh?), outright mendacity (oh yeah,he did say what he said – it’s there to be read, and pompous fakery – lol, I am guilty of post-modern `syncretism – an independent formal notion’and of `neoplasm – the study of various cancers’. Hehe, is this why I consider him to be `tumerous’? However, `to be fair’ to subtoxastic perhaps they have other more arcane `post-modern’ applications of which specialized information he is in possession which raises the obvious question, eh? Who is quilty of what? In any case, if censoring and silencing are to be invoked, perhaps more careful readings and more judicious evaluation of comments is in order?

  7. Hey Jim Wills!
    ButI did bet on the Habs that year. I put five bucks on them and I think this is how it went. I mailed them the receipt and they mailed me the money. I think it was 50 bucks.
    I’m doing it again today. Only it’s going to be ten bucks.
    How ya doin?

  8. Hey there fellow lung brother. Not doing to good today after that Sens DEBACLE last night. A 3-1 loss to the worst team in the conference. And the score was flattering…not that close at all.Got my hard hat on today as the sky is falling all over the city.
    PS.Can still hear you screaming all over Vegas as you poke your head through the sun roof of the rental,”I love this town”

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