8 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Nauseous”

  1. Danno, the comments in the story make me nauseous too. “Thnaks for sharing the Cup with us when you brought it home, Scotty. You could have shown it to just your friends but you let us all see it.” Every player who brings the Cup home lets the town see it. Gomez didn’t do anything unusual. The guy scores a goal a year, doesn’t help his team one bit except for laughs in the dressing room, and often doesn’t give 100% for the buckets of money he makes. And these people in Anchorage are treating him like a male Mother Theresa. Don’t they have another hero they can embrace?

  2. First the funniest photo I’ve seen in years then the most depressing. First Gomez gets the hole in one, oh well, dumb luck, even a blind squirrel with no legs finds an acorn every once in a while. Then he wins a car, oh well, life’s not fair, but we already knew that. Now he has 15 lovely ladies, this is just too much, unfair piling onto our misery. The only thing keeping me going is the thought that there’s 16th lady hiding in the top centre ashamed to be in the same picture as him. She knows our pain and doesn’t want to add to it.

    Tim Thomas, silently hiding in the back, that’s how you take part in a team function , while snubbing the host, without being an asshole.

  3. This reminds me of those stories you sometimes hear about someone winning the lottery…then down the line they win again. You want to kick them.

    So I guess this is what he’ll be talking about in the room this year and on the bench. Probably will mention how many girls he nailed in that picture too.

    If he does keep the car I hope it’s a lemon!

  4. Darth, they say he’s driving his sister’s beater while in Anchorage. You would think a guy making 50 million over a few years could afford to buy her a new one.

  5. Dennis – Gomez did buy her sister a new car for graduating from university as a grad gift & she gave Scott her old car when she got her new ride……..

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