I’m Feeling Low About Hockey

I’m going through some kind of depression right now regarding the Habs and the NHL. Anger, actually. 

About the Habs, seeing Dan Ellis deciding no and the team signing journeyman Alex Auld makes me more nervous than excited for the season to begin in the fall. You tell me what will happen if Carey Price has a terrible first ten games and they try Auld instead. Is that a pretty picture or what?

And the othe reason I’m feeling low is I see Andrew Ladd of the Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks now shipped to Atlanta and the dismantling of the Hawks continues. As I’ve previously mentioned, Dustin Byfuglien, Brent Sopel, Ben Eager, Colin Fraser, Kris Versteeg, and now Ladd are gone from the team, and if this is the way the NHL is going to work from here on in, I just may concentrate on hockey from other decades when it was beautiful and tough and teams had a chance to be powerhouses for a few years at least before players would gradually move on.

This Chicago thing has really bothered me and has caused me to re-examine a few things.

I’m depressed and feeling low right now.

8 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Low About Hockey”

  1. Dennis, you’re right about Chicago, 1 year dynasties is the way of the new NHL. Anyways I don’t want them to have a dynasty, I want Montreal to win the Cup next year.
    I’m also upset that Montreal settled for Auld when there were better options available. We also re-signed Sanford, yawn.
    I don’t blame Ellis for anything though. He’s not deserting Montreal since he never made us any commitment. He still thinks he can be a #1 goalie and we don’t need another goal-tending controversy again. He simply remains in the large category of players that I don’t care one way or another about.

  2. Hey Dennis, I agree with Christopher in that we dont need anymore goaltending battles to get into the way of a succesful season,I don’t understand why they would trade for an unrestricted free agent to begin with,sort of defeats the purpose of the trade when you think of it.

  3. Cheer up Dennis. Hockey is still your sport and you might have to go to college or minor league hockey for purer hockey. Bettman should be fired.

    Have a few cold beers and enjoy the glory of the past dynasties.

  4. Well, I hope this is just a cloud passing by before you see the sun shining again Dennis.
    I hate to hear you’re in a bit of a funk. It’s not fair since you make so many of us smile and laugh every day.
    Anyways, the harsh reality is the Habs decided to go all in with Price. Another goalie competing for the number one spot was not something the club wanted. Since Ellis still has a desire to be number one it was probably the deciding factor.
    It was time to sh*t or get off the pot.
    I still remain optimistic for next season and hope you can bounce back out of your funk soon….

  5. Thanks, Danno. I’ll be fine. I’m just not sure if we’ve improved or regressed, seems like regressed, and I’m pretty sure Alex Auld doesn’t make any of us do cartwheels. And to see the way Chicago, even though they’re the enemy, become decimated like that, makes me uneasy. I wanted the Habs to destroy the Stanley Cup champions in the finals next year, not just 50% of the Stanley Cup team. And when we win the Cup, is it only going to be for one year? I was also very excited about free agency day and all it did was depress me. But like I said, I’ll be fine. Thanks.

  6. Let me and Wayne buy you a beer Dennis. That would cheer you up. I hear there;s a womens baseball tourney in town and many are hanging at the Moose.

  7. I keep checking all the Habs sites waiting for some exciting news about a trade or a signing but all I get is an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.Alot of Eastern teams have improved especially Atlanta thanks to Chicago. I was hoping for more scoring help next year as we kind of sucked in that area last season and I can’t stand the low scoring tempo we maintained last year. Hard to watch. On the bright side the developement camp starts on the 6th and Atsvin will be there.

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