I’m Doing The Twitterbug

I’m on Twitter now. I have no idea why. I’m not even sure what it is. But I read that if you have a blog, you should be on Twitter.


It’s over on the right side, just below my picture. I don’t know why it helps, or what it’s for. But I’m twittering away now.


I’m a lost soul in cyberspace.

9 thoughts on “I’m Doing The Twitterbug”

  1. Twitter twitter poor little lost soul
    How U wonder where you will go
    Up or down is the ur only choice
    In this decision you have no voice
    But all is not lost poor little soul
    The Habs will determine which way u go
    If at the end the Habs win the cup
    U will twitter, twitter all the way up

  2. You’re on Twitter now too, Dennis? Not long after I gave in. But it helps, especially on game night. And how excited are you about the orders from Carbo and friends on disclosing specified injuries? Finally. I’m just too nosy.

  3. For those of you who don’t know, Jim is Jim. He’s maddening, strong-willed, puzzling. He invented the word “opinion.” He holds a patent on the phrase ‘strong opinion.’ He’s long-winded, difficult, argumentive,and when the stars are aligned properly, nice and police. He’s also an excellent Habs’ fan.

  4. Heather. I haven’t heard about Carbo’s injury thing. Maybe it’s because I live far away.Please let me know.
    And although I’ll probably have absolutely nothing to say on Twitter, have a look anyway sometime if you find the time. Maybe I’ll eventually figure out what Twitter is and does, and say something worthwhile.

  5. Dennis, sorry, no intent on my part to `mock’ you. On the contrary, I got a kick from your short but evocative blog. As you know, I luuuuv words and that rather dopey bit of doggerel just popped out when I read your `lost soul’ comment. Hey, Twinkle twinkle little star …… For me your entry was quite `visual’ and, I thought, humourous, so I responded in kind … again, no dissing intended.

  6. It’s more Gainey’s thing than Carbo’s thing, but it is now decreed that if any player is out for several games, the Habs will now disclose what injury the player has.
    So, it turns out, Laraque has back issues, and not groin issues. Of course, that could be solved if George lost 15 pounds or so, but he doesn’t seem interested in do so.
    (BTW, rillettes is me on Twitter)

  7. Thanks Michel. I like the idea that we know what the ijuries are. This upper and lower thing is out of hand. Laraque has been a bust in Montreal. I had such big hopes for him.

  8. Laraque still has 2.5 years on his contract to make an impact. I’m fully confident he will, and I’d rather he takes a full month more for a complete recovery than come back too fast and get injured again.

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