Ilya Kovalchuk, Stan Fischler, And Your Chance To Get It Off Your Chest

Good guy Tom at The Ryan Coke Experience has gotten wind of a rumour you might want to check out on his site – that both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens are showing interest in Atlanta Thrashers sniper Ilya Kovalchuk, a guy with almost 500 points in almost 500 games in the NHL.


Normally I’d want something like this to happen. A young, fifty goal guy in a Habs uniform. But, like  Marian Gaborik, I want neither player. Montreal has the team now to do the deed. There’s just no sense in shaking up the chemistry, regardless of how good these guys are.


And they need to first let me be flag guy at the Bell Centre before bringing in any more players. First things first.


Anyway, have a look at Tom’s site. He, by the way, lives in Ottawa but, unlike many of my own Ottawa friends, has stayed a Habs fan and hasn’t been swept away by Senatormania in the Senatorium.


And because Tom reads my blog, he’s one of the best people in the world.


Another one of the best in the world is Jordy, who let me know today that long-time hockey writer Stan Fischler, based in New York, says Carey Price is a stiff, cocky, mediocre goalie.


Stan Fischer is not one of the best people in the world. In fact, saying something like that makes him a leading candidate for worst person in the world.


Last, but certainly not least, I’m completely open to having people guest blog on this site. (as long as it’s good.) Anytime you want to send in a little story about anything related to hockey – yes, even the Canucks, Leafs, Sean Avery etc., you’re welcome to do this.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to write something. Well, here’s your chance. Just email me with your story at and I’ll check for spelling and you’ll be in print. Please, though, not too many f bombs.

5 thoughts on “Ilya Kovalchuk, Stan Fischler, And Your Chance To Get It Off Your Chest”

  1. I’m lukewarm on Fischler. Remember, he wrote “The Flying Frenchmen” with Maurice Richard.

    He seems to worry about his own relevance too much. Every now and then, he comes out and makes a brash statement about someone universally praised.

    I used to subscribe to Hockey Digest when I was in my early teens. “The Maven” used to have a “Who’s better” column in that mag and one time he said Mark Messier was better than Wayne Gretzky!

    I don’t particularly like either player, but it’s obvious what Fischler’s purpose in life is. Since then, I have ALWAYS taken Fischler’s comments – especially the outlandish ones – with a grain of salt.

  2. DK , How come you don’t spell check my posts?? Is it because my leather RC Navy jacket was better than yours ? Just kidding,a lot of good posts this year aside from 1 idiot,poon lok or whatever! Say Hi to Jim aka Der Habinator!!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!

  3. How can I put this nicely? Fischler is an idiot. I can vaguely remember reading his articles when I was younger. I thought he was an idiot then too.

  4. Reason there could be problems with trading for Kovalchuk…his nickname is “Kovy”! TAKEN!

    Also we would be in for some serious extortion from Atlanta’s GM to get him out of there… and THAT isn’t worth it.

    Fischler was just jealous because his goldenboy DP is on the IR constantly.

  5. Thanks for the plug. For the record, this is my favourite Habs blog (which is why it’s the only one listed in my blogroll).

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