Ilya Kovalchuk Might Like New Surroundings – Like Montreal

 The Atlanta Thrashers are in Montreal Tuesday to play the Habs, and that means playing the fun game of – who to trade for Ilya Kovalchuk?

 Kovalchuk, seen here in a photo with a lovely young lady who was overheard saying, “Why am I with this guy when I could be with Dennis,” was the subject of an earlier trade rumour involving the Canadiens. But alas, the rumour fizzled.

So now, I feel it’s my duty to get the rumour started again.

 Sure, we’ll take Kovalchuk. And because we’re in a generous mood, here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna give Atlanta Alex Kovalev and Ryan O’Byrne!

 Or how about Chris Higgins, Ryan O’Byrne, and Mathieu Dandenault?

 Or what about Alex Kovalev and Georges Laraque?

I see nothing wrong with giving up Alex Kovalev and Guillaume Latendresse for Kovalchuk.

  Surely Atlanta would take Saku Koivu and Patrice Brisebois for Kovalchuk.

 Sergei Kostitsyn and Jaroslav Halak?

 Or how about Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, 3 first-round draft picks, and 15 million for Wayne Gretzky, Marty McSorley, and Mike Krushelnyski.

 Oh, that’s another trade.

 Never mind.

12 thoughts on “Ilya Kovalchuk Might Like New Surroundings – Like Montreal”

  1. We need to give up a lot of salary to get Kovalchuk. The other problem is that a lot of the players are free agents, while Kovalchuk is signed through 2010. But it’s only $6 million a year, which is a bargain.

    Maybe give up Hamrlik, Higgins and a prospect (or Halak?)?

  2. Tom- it’s widely acknowledged that what we need first and foremost is another top4 defensemen. Trading Hamrlik, our best and most consistent defensive d-men, is really not an option (IMO).

    As for Halak, the Thrashers have really no need for him. I’m not sure why all fans want to offload this guy ASAP but he’s ALWAYS the first to pop up in trade rumours, being tagged on to any other player to ‘complete the deal’. Atlanta has arguably the league’s best backup goalie in Hedberg and they have top prospect Ondrej Pavelec who’s just as good, if not better, than Halak. So their goaltending situation will be resolved within the next 2 years.

    We already know Waddell is interested in getting Higgins (see Hossa trade rumours from last year) and we already know Gainey doesn’t want to give up on him… Personnally I’d be ok with trading Higgins for Kovalchuk, depending on who/what else goes to the Thrashers with him. If it’s Saku, no way. Forget about Kovalev, he’s managed to run his trade value through the basement with his season start so far. He should have been traded this summer.

  3. The problem with Higgins, Koivu and Kovalev is that they are free agents this summer. Why would Atlanta trade a 50-goal scorer they have signed for one more year for players they could lose in the offseason? It doesn’t make sense.

    The problem is we have too many guys who will be free agents. That’s only a good thing if you’re going to miss the playoffs and want to get prospects/draft picks.

    Hamrlik is signed for three more years and is a quality defenceman. They means he’s probably our best option as part of a major trade, especially if we need to get rid of salary in the trade as well.

  4. Sundin. Hossa. Now, Kovalchuk. Nope. Nope. And nope.
    Course, Sundin may still end up with us …..? Still, I can see no compelling reasons for us to substantially alter the composition, and therefore the chemistry, of the team to get a player who is a proven loser. The great thing about Tangs is he plays both ends of the ice and still excells. He also did this in Calgary only he wasn’t `physical’ enough for either Sutter or Keenan. Could we expect the same from Kovalchuk? I doubt it. But that is what we need, we need our top offensive players to be amongst our best defensive assets.

    My belief is, and has been, that our problems do not lie with any particular player or set of players and therefore replacements will make no appreciable difference to our performance. We have the requisite talent within our system, what we lack is the complemenatry albeit elusive combination of commitment/focus/team cohesion kicking in on a consistent basis and that impels a team into the required championship level of intensity. In this respect, I think Carbo has not used Georges effectively particularly re the Komisarek debacle – Boston has improved and we, at best, have remained in a kind of self-imposed limbo, even faded a bit. Sometimes, the dogs of war should be unleashed, and that was one such occasion. Can we meet our challenges? Sure. But not via the trade route.

    p.s. Dani, what’s with your Sabres? Hmmm, could it be that your forwards have tapered off on their defensive responsibilities?

  5. By no means am i a Canadians fan but i know this much, Ilya Kovalchuk isnt the right player for that team. Jim couldnt of said it any better by calling him a proven loser. Hes arguably the most selfish player in the league and i know this by the article he gave the hockey news when he said all he cares about is personal achievements. Hes got the same mentality as another one of his countrymen who was nothing but a team cancer, that being pavel bure. The canadians have enough scorers on there team but they are all underachieving. I feel there a little weak on D at times and a good solution for that would be Jay Bouwmeester, but i dont think the Canadians need a shake up in there roster all that bad i feel Carbonneau is possibly wearing out his welcome.

  6. Carbo has made his mistakes, sure. But I really don’t think he’s to blame for the problems we’re facing right now.

    First off, we the fans, look at this team with gigantic expectations this year, whereas the team itself might not be able to be quite as good as we want it to be. So we see it as terribly underachieving. Now I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with the Habs, just saying part of the problem is how awesome we thought they were gonna be, and that might have been more than they were truly capable of.

    Back to Carbonneau – it’s just too easy to blame the coach when the team slumps. Is it Carbo’s fault that Kovalev plays like he did 2 years ago? No. Talent-wise, Kovy is the heartbeat of this team. How he goes, most of the forwards go (except Saku, Tangs and the grinders). I don’t blame Carbo for that.

    However, I’m willing to lay some blame on him (as well as on Jarvis) for the unimaginative and unproductive PP. At this point, they are just beating a dead horse by constantly trying to do what was working last year.

  7. James,

    You could very easily be right about Carbo not being the problem but the fact remains that in the NHL if your team is not playing well than the coach is the one who is responsible for it. Im not saying I agree with it by any means, but for example, was it really Dennis Savards fault for the play of the Black Hawks? probably not, but hes the one who pays the price for it. Being a professional coach could be the hardest job in sports.

  8. Jordy,

    unfortunately you’re right. Good example with Savard in CHI, where (IMO) it was much more political than about the team’s performance – I mean how can you evaluate your team 4 games into the year???
    But I digress… I agree the coach will always be blamed first when it’s not going well, because it’s the easiest ‘solution’.
    In the present case, I really don’t think it’s Carbo’s fault and, lucky me!, Carbo is Gainey’s long-time friend so I don’t think he’ll get canned unless things are real ugly for a real long time.

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