I’ll Take Three Pairs Of Skates Please


It’s been a while since I’ve had to shell out for any kind of hockey equipment, so I was fairly surprised when I looked at prices of skates in the catalogue of Vancouver-based Cyclone Taylor Sports and saw $699.99 for a pair of C.C.M. UCrazyLight’s. and $549.99 for the Easton EB50.

I had no idea that skates can cost $700.00. I’ll bet they’re nice, though. Even nicer than those C.C.M. Tacks I bought when I was a teenager and which was one of the big reasons I was a reasonably speedy and shifty right winger for Byers Bulldozers Bantams and Midgets.

Sticks aren’t as much as skates of course, but it’s still $259.99 for an Easton EQ50 Grip Sr. Composite stick, and from what I see on a regular basis through my TV screen, these composite sticks break often, and at crucial times. Like blasts from the point where part of the stick travels further and faster than the puck. Maybe sticks are designed now at NASA, I don’t know, but they still seem to shatter much more than a good old Hespeler Green Flash.

Helmets aren’t cheap either. An Easton 519Z Shock can set you back $149.99 and a Reebok 7K just $129.99. But players seem to get concussions no matter what they have on their head.

Shoulder pads, those big honkin get-ups that hurt when bounced off a head and which Don Cherry holds up as a major injury culprit, should be done away with and replaced by the smaller, less-hard variety. I don’t see why not. Why would a player want to carry around so much weight anyway?

Today’s suits of armor on the shoulders can cost upwards of $150.00, like the Bauer Pro Series do and I don’t really understand it. If I was a player, I wouldn’t want to wear so much padding that I look like a member of a prison riot squad.

Shin pads are $119.99 for the Bauer Pro Series Sr, and elbow pads, again from the Bauer Pro Series Sr., sell for $89.99. Elbow pads also should be toned down too. They’re for protecting the elbow, not for making a guy see stars.

It’s all around $1500 if you want to do it up like the pros, but you’re not a pro so why bother? I’m sure you can get by with something just a little less ridiculous. The pros should be able to too.

No wonder soccer is the globe’s biggest sport. All you need is a ball.

17 thoughts on “I’ll Take Three Pairs Of Skates Please”

  1. DK, I was in Orillia the last two day’s & passed by your old homestead on Elmer St. I also passed by Allan Byers Farm equipment store & dropped in & asked if they remembered a slightly speedy & shifty right winger. They never missed a beat when they said you must be refering to the Kaneanator!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  2. Yes Mike, the Kaneanator. But I needed an enforcer to help me get it done. The old house on Elmer was sold and I’m sad that I’ll never be in it again. It was a great place to grow up in and I’m going to miss it. Dad’s in a home now. But we move on.

  3. That’s why you’re paying if my boys want to play hockey dad! I figure it’s only fair since you keep sending them habs stuff 😉

  4. DK, I was going to stop in & see Ernie but I had to tell them why I was there & when they told your Dad Gaston wanted to visit he said he’s an asshole he’d wring the little twigs neck. Some how he realised who I was & said are’nt you the bastard who left all the kitchen cupboards open, I sensed some hostility & made a hasty retreat.
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  5. Shannon, just make sure you get them in. I can probably dig up some good equipment from the 1950’s for them. They should like that.

  6. all u have to do is put the word out on the blog and i’m sure your grandchildren will get geared up quite nicely………… shannon has all the angles doesn’t she.

  7. $700 dollars for a pair of skates??? At that price they better include jets so that I don’t have to exert any energy to make it down the ice.

    These overpriced composite sticks that always break at the worst possible moment are also one of the excuses goalies use as to why they need barn doors for pads and a tent for a jersey. These sticks easily allow a less skilled player to have a faster more accurate shot. I remember when skilled scorers relied on a good wrist shot.

    These sticks are win-win for the shooter. If he scores, he get the credit. If the stick breaks, it takes the blame for all the bad things that follow. It’s only the fans that lose.

    Who’s in charge of NHL statistics? How to get them to keep track of broken sticks per game, and zone clears, turnovers and goals against following a broken stick?

  8. I hate these damn sticks. How many have broken when one of our guys (or anyone else in the NHL) has the chance to nail an awesome slapshot? This happened quite a few times last season. I know it happened about 5 times with PK alone. At that price what’s an average family to do? Not everyone can pick the money off the tree for a new one.

  9. Darth, I can remember sticks exploding on PK as well. I don’t see what the problem is. Bobby Hull could shoot as well as anyone today, and he used a wood stick. Boom Boom used a wood stick. Al McInnes in Calgary might have the title of hardest shot ever, and he used a wood stick.

  10. Christopher, when I’m stick boy I’m going to gradually fade these composite sticks out. I’ll get the guys to try some wood for a change. I think I can convince them. This is another fine reason why I should be stick boy.

  11. One thing I’ve always found funny is how new “modern” technology is supposedly better yet many times the old technology is better and lasts much longer!

    I’ve heard one reason these sticks are popular is because they weigh less than wood sticks do. But what gets me is that players today usually work out like crazy and are quite strong so you wouldn’t think it’d be a problem.

    I know sometimes when they show a goal in slow-mo that you can really see these sticks bending quite a lot. If I were a player and I had them break on me as much as they did with PK, I’d say to hell with it and stick with wood.

  12. Chris, that is very cool. And there might be an automatic stick boy, but you have to have a stick boy who can advise the coach. So I feel I’m not redundant just yet.

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