I’ll Take Big Elvis Over Jarkko Ruutu Anyday

Jarkko Ruutu, seen here, is as despicable as they come. He was a smirking fool in Vancouver, a grinning underhanded cheapshot artist in Pittsburgh, and he continues his sordid tradition in Ottawa. I’ve written several posts about this low life, all negative, because I’ve never liked him and I rate him right up there with Sean Avery when it comes to who I’m not inviting to my birthday.

Someday someone is going to do the deed to this grinning goof. Ottawa fans, are you embarrassed to have him on your team?


We’re on our way to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. I’m going to miss the nightlife of Vegas, but it’ll only be for 12 hours so I should get over it. I feel I should also tell you about the seven dollar nachos at The Mirage. Good for two people, and the only natchos I’ve ever had that has roast beef in them.

One of the employees at The Mirage saw me with my Habs hat on and said he’s a Habs fan, loves Carey Price, loves the team speed, and is hoping for a Montreal-Detroit Stanley Cup.

This is Big Elvis. He’s been entertaining fans at Bill’s Casino on the Vegas strip for six years now. But more importantly, even though he’s still big, Big Elvis has lost 560 pounds and wants to lose another 150.

Habs take on those Boston Bruins Thursday night. I should be back from the Grand Canyon in time for the game, if I can find a TV with it on. If not, I’ll have to win money as I wait for the score.

Keep the ball rolling, Canadiens!

9 thoughts on “I’ll Take Big Elvis Over Jarkko Ruutu Anyday”

  1. It was the only time in the last 10 years or so that I was actually pulling for Darcy Tucker. He was fighting Ruutu but unfortunately Ruutu had a lot of size over Tucker and actually got the better of the fight.
    We used to say the same thing about Ulf Samuelson and he lasted a long time without anybody getting any serious payback. Well except for Lindros in whatever tournament that was.

  2. What happens when TC’s finds out you have been an unfaithful patron? Drinking Miller swill and not Canadien beer-mon dieu. At least Gaston will still be able to enjoy their Nachos.

  3. I’m taking time out from my viewing of the new Habs “10 Memorable Games” set.
    Is Vegas as devoid of visitors as the newspapers say? Were you able to take advantage of a spectacular deal for your stay at the Mirage? My wife and daughter stayed there and also at the MGM Grand over the course of a week this summer while I stayed home to pay for their trip.

  4. I don’t think you’ll be capabel of missing Las Vegas when you see the Grand Canyon. The West Rim and East Rim drives are amazing…

    It’s despicable what Ruutu did. But Habs fans are a bit hypocritical sometimes – as he loved what Sergei did to Grabovski and what Kovalev did to Tucker. I think the league needs to sort all of that out. Long suspension for Ruutu (2 games is a meaningless suspension) and suspending S Kostitsyn, as well if called for.

  5. I wrote in another forum, but I’ll write it here as well. I found it interesting that Ruutu got a game misconduct towards the end, when this was a blow-out. Same thing w/ Ott getting a g-m against Boston.
    Seems to me that the cheap-shot artists are looking for a way to get kicked out of the game right before it comes time to answer the bell.
    If you get back to Vegas, try to check out Frank and Farina’s. Very good, very inexpensive ($2.50 margarita’s) Mexican food.
    I’ve been to Vegas twice, but only for this.

  6. Part of me says: more severe sanctions on `cheap shots’ should be invoked – make the perps pay for their actions.

    And part of me recognizes that this is a systemic problem arising from an alloutallthetimedoanythingtowin ethos that has permeated not only hockey but all pro sports and is most evident in those sports in which violent bodily contact is integral to the game and even in those sports in which such contact is supposedly banned – cf the recent unpunished vicious near-fatal assault in soccer. So, the question is: will strict penalties for particular incidences do anything more than treat the symptoms of a more insidious malaise? Perhaps that antiquated, scorned even, notion of `good sportsmanship’ should be reintegrated into our collective sporting culture? And, yes, I agree with Topham re our hypocritical culpability as fans in this respect.

  7. I can understand everybody’s dislike to Ruutu here but calling him a cheap player is a little bit extreme. Hes more affective then he is anything else, He can get star players so rattled to the point where there of no use to there team, he plays with a ton of heart for a Fin, when it comes time to drop the gloves he will, and hes pretty damn good in the shoot out to. Hes one of those players you hate until hes on your team. If there is a habs fan out there who really thinks hes that cheap of a player i got two words for you: CLAUDE LEMIEUX

  8. Phil, the place is packed. Vegas is really alive, so the I’m sure the economy is alive and well here. The Mirage is excellent as well, and I just heard tonight that the steak at Frank and Farina’s is the best in town. Gonna try it tomorrow..

  9. Michel, I got confused. I sat with a guy at Bill’s having the two dollar draught and he went on and on about Frank and Farina’s steak. Going there Friday.

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