I’ll Bet You’ve Met Someone Who Played

I’m still getting the odd story about players you’ve met and just good old hockey stories in general but it’s slowing down and I want more. You can win a family pack of hockey stuff courtesy of Scotiabank for simply doing this, and Ill draw a name from the good old fedora at the end of the month.

You can see others here http://dennis-kane.com/my-brothers-met-eddie-shack-at-a-car-dealership/ and here http://dennis-kane.com/you-met-who/,

And here http://dennis-kane.com/another-big-contest-and-huge-for-the-kids/ and there’s other strewn about because folks can tell these stories anywhere they want. I’m very curious who you’ve met, especially if you’ve had a chat with someone like Sean Avery who may or may not be a fine specimen off the ice. And I’ll bet at some point you’ve met Jean Beliveau or Tiger Williams, Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr, Georges Laraque or Don Cherry or…you get the picture.

Even if there wasn’t a prize involved, which there is, I think it’s an interesting subject. I’m always fascinated when someone says to me…”Hey, you know who I met once?”

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  1. because of playing music i have had the privilege of going places and meeting people i may have otherwise not had a chance to meet. certain people stand out in my mind because the are special as people. one such person is brian scrudland. we used to play at a place in pointe clare, just outside montreal. one night brian was there with his stunningly beautiful wife and wanted to meet us. the lead singer and myself being gigantic hab fans were over the top when the security guy brought him back stage. scrudland was a tough, tough guy on the ice but also a very good player, some one like that we could use now. as is the case with a lot of tough enforcer types brian is an extremely intelligent man, soft spoken and gentle man. he was more interested in talking about us than about himself and the habs which of course is all we wanted to discuse…….. meeting him was truly special and an honor.

    i have never won a prize

  2. Hobo, Skrudland was a very effective player. I liked him. I remember in the 1986 playoffs against Calgary he scored a goal just seconds into the game. Good story, really interesting, and thanks for this.

  3. I know i have told this story before but because of this thread i’ll gladly tell it again. In 1996 me and my family went up to Whistler to watch team Canadas training camp for the up coming world cup of hockey. The roster was filled with some of the greatest players to ever play the game…Gretzky, Messier, Sakic, Yzerman to name a few. I had hockey cards of every player on that team and after the practice ended we waited around the arena lobby for a while hoping to get autographs of some of the players. After about a good hour of waiting we decided to leave. Fortunately my dads friend won the 50-50 draw at the practice and decided to take us to mcdonalds for lunch. Being 10 years old at the time I had a pretty good pout going on after not getting any of my hero’s autographs, even mcdonalds at that time couldnt make the situation better for me. Shortly after we got are food and sat down to eat my dad nudged my arm and nodded his head in the direction of the entrance at the mcdonalds we were at. I looked over and sure enough Wayne Gretzky was strolling through the front doors, i was star struck. Knowing there was no way in hell i was leaving that place without his autograph, my dad approached him and asked if he could spare a few minutes and sign a couple autographs. Wayne was pure class, when i approached him with my hockey card he greeted me with a hand shake and talked to me like i was his buddy. He asked me where i was from and i replied ” Powell River” he then asked me where that was and i told him ” i dont know”. 14 years later and i can still remember that day like it happened yesterday. I have also met other great players such as Mark Messier, Gordie Howe ( how many 24 year old guys can say they have shaken hands and recieved autographs from the top 3 leading scorers in NHL history!) Cam Neely , Glenn Hall (He let me try on his HOF ring), Marcel Dionne, Ken Dryden, Frank Mahovlich, Brad Park, Scott Neidermeyer and Trevor Linden. And while im at it I’ll mention I have met baseball greats Fergie Jenkins, Pete Rose and Fred Lynn

  4. Man, Jordy, that’s quite a list. And it’s funny that even Gretzky would go to McDonalds. Was he alone?

  5. He was with his kids and another guy who might have been an assistant of his or something along those lines. It was definitely a day I will never forget.

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