Iginla Scraps Rumour About Challenging Habs Bench

Story in the Calgary Sun

By Randy Sportak

MONTREAL — Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla denied having challenged the whole Montreal Canadiens bench during Tuesday night’s 1-0 win.

The red-hot rumour making the rounds on the Internet, and amongst the Montreal media, is that Iginla told Habs players in the heat of battle during what was at times a contentious game, “Anybody has a problem, see me any time.”

Former Flames defenceman Joel Bouchard, who was Iginla’s roommate in the early stages of their careers, was between the benches during the game and reportedly said on the RDS broadcast Iginla said he’ll take on all comers.

“No, no, no,” Iginla pleaded after yesterday’s practice. “I think he misheard that. I think I might have said Grats, not me.

“I said ‘Go see Grats.’ He’s the guy. He’s our big man. I think he misheard.”

“Grats” would be Flames enforcer Brian McGrattan.

In today’s rumour-driven world powered by the information superhighway, it’s possible Iginla’s denials are true.

However, it’s worth noting the Flames captain has been known to trash talk with the best of them.

He can scrap with the best of them, too, so he could back it up.

Iginla certainly wasn’t seen openly challenging the whole bench in the manner former Boston Bruins forward John Wensink did against the Minnesota North Stars, or ex-New York Rangers goalie Dan Cloutier did amidst a line brawl with the New York Islanders — after pummelling Tommy Salo.

“I don’t think too many want to see Grats is what I probably said and meant,” Iginla said. “But I didn’t say what they’re saying I said.”

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