Iginla, Heatley and Troops Thump Norway


The guy in the picture with the sign was at the World Juniors too. Do you think we’ll see him at every Canadian game? And if so, how did he get those tickets?

It took a bit, after going to the dressing room tied at zero after one period. But things began to come together for the Canadians in the second with goals by Jerome Iginla, Dany Heatley, and Mike Richards, and soon it was all Canada against an outmatched Norwegian squad who could do nothing about it. And in the end, the scoreboard read 8-0 after Ryan Getzlaf, Heatley again, Iginla with his second, Corey Price, and Iginla again with his third, capped it off for Canada.

 I’d like to announce here and now that I predicted the score. My wife asked before the game how I thought it would go, and I said 8-0 Canada. I know, I know, I sound like Don Cherry. But it’s true!

Seriously. I feel like Kreskin.

It was a slow start and strong finish for Canada. Next it’s Switzerland, with Habs connection Mark Streit, even though he hasn’t played for Montreal for two years. Any Habs fan will know what I mean.

8 thoughts on “Iginla, Heatley and Troops Thump Norway”

  1. They definitely looked nervous at the start. But an incredible game, atmosphere was amazing and goal filled (too bad it wasn’t 18-0 though)
    This is the only time of year where Sidney Crosby haters, Including me, will like him, so he better savor the moment.

    PS: You wrote Corey Price, but the name’s actually Corey Perry.
    You’ve talked about Price so much, he just doesn’t slip your mind.

  2. I agree with Phil, it’s a little tough putting aside the negativity you might have for some players, but we’ll have to learn to live with it. At least Crosby set Iginla up on some good plays, right?

    I love the “He Shoots He Scores” man! Dennis, you beat me to it. I was planning on blogging about him too.

  3. Thanks 31. I should have mentioned Weber. I don’t know what happening with me lately. It could be a bunch of acid flashbacks coming back all at one.

  4. The amazing Kane,versus the amazing Kreskin,sounds like a video game in the making.I was wondering just how long it would take our guysto start gelling together.They really poured it once it began though.I’m happy with the win,lets keep going.

  5. What a great start for Canada, even though it was against lesser competion it was great to see that it only took 1 period for the team to click and start building some great chemistry. I dont really know why canadas fans were getting worked up about going into the second tied 0-0. Its not like we were getting out-played of being sloppy, most of the first period was spent in the other end with alot of good scoring chances. Canads line of Crosby Iginla and Nash is going to be a force, I was happy to see it didnt take long to put Iginla on the first line with Crosby. Phil I really hope your prediction of Canada vs Russia in the finals is right, there is nothing better then watching those two teams battle it out, not to mention the crosby vs ovechkin rivalry to go along with it.

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