Iginla Brings Glad Tidings

Just so you’re clear on why I sometimes promote a Scotiabank contest on this blog, it’s because they’ve given me tons of prizes over the years, which I’ve turned around and given to many of you after I picked your names out of my fedora. And because I’ve been able to do that, I certainly don’t mind putting something like this up for them.

But it has to be a nice hockey touch, and I think this is. (Geez, Jerome Iginla would’ve looked good in a Habs jersey. But anyway).

Here’s the video. A lucky lady gets help with her mortgage, with a $25,000 cheque being delivered by Iginla, who is Scotiabank’s hockey ambassador. She had followed Scotiabank’s Mortgage-Free Faster tips, and it paid off.

You can enter to win a $25,000 pre-payment towards your Scotiabank mortgage or $10,000 cash, right here – Mortgage-Free Faster Contest

6 thoughts on “Iginla Brings Glad Tidings”

  1. Maybe Geoff Molson could see a Scotiabank financial expert and get some helpful advice on how to buy out Scott Gomez’s contract.

    He could perhaps re-mortgage the Bell Centre?

    Hey Geoff Molson! You’re richer than you think.

  2. Chris, you’re off only slightly. Me and several players wives will show up with a case of DKRSFB.

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