If The Gloves Fit, It Must Be It

Derry has probably solved the question of who the little tin goalie is because of the identical gloves on each hand. Bill Durnan was ambidextrous and would at times switch hands.

I had compared Durnan’s photos to the tin man yesterday and decided it wasn’t him. But I was going by the face, not the gloves. The gloves were the key. I had actually decided, from my Bee Hives, that the tin man’s face resembled Emile Bouchard’s more than anyone in my Been Hive collection. Especially the hair.

Way to go, Derry. You %$#&*^.

Now I suppose I have to buy him a beer when he shows up in Powell River next year.

This is the Beehive that made me think it wasn’t Durnan.

And this is the Beehive that made me decide that maybe it was Butch. Although it might have been even closer if he wasn’t smiling.


8 thoughts on “If The Gloves Fit, It Must Be It”

  1. do the tin goalies from the other teams have the twin durnan gloves. if so it’s back to the drawing board, if not i say we have a winner.

  2. on the other hand, if i spent enough time in pablo’s lab i could conclude that the painter responsible for bringing the tin men to life had access to only one photo of a goalie, that being durnan, and used that as a template for the rest changing only the faces to protect the guilty………. of course he also referred to the sport as “ice hockey”

  3. Dennis, hobo brings up a good point but I think the last Beehive picture has a really close resemblance to the little tin goalie’s face and the haircut.

    And why are all the little tin Maple Leaf players wearing teal-coloured uniforms?

  4. Hey Dennis,Just got back from Prince George,went last nite as Lynda and I have been together for five years so we felt the need for some kind of celebration.I am up for your prize if in fact it was Mr. Durnan,but then I would probably return the favour and we would go back and forth and then you would wind up being hungover once again.

  5. Hey Dennis,Nobody has to put up with me,I am easy to get along with ,as you now.Just kidding my friend,we have enjoyed our time together and will look forward to a little while longer.Listen to Danno+ three,he is brilliant when it comes to beer.I’m not going to comment on pre season,I never do usually.We are in for a great season boys.

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