If The Canucks And Leafs Went Head To Head, Would You Stay Awake?

Every good Habs fan hates the Leafs. It’s normal, like breathing, or liking Playboy magazine. The Leafs smell. They damaged the lining of our noses last year and the year before and the years before that. And nothing’s going to change this year or the next. Because they’re the Leafs.


Unfortunately, they often play well against Montreal, for whatever reason. Probably the only time they look like a team is when they play the Canadiens.


Maybe Charles Darwin, if alive, could explain it.


Then there’s the Vancouver Canucks. I live up the coast from Vancouver, in the heart of Canucks fanland, and the Canucks are another team that disappoints their fans most years. Lately they’ve been non-factors in any playoffs they’re involved in. They go through coaches, there’s been infighting with past and present ownership, and there’s the lingering odour of the Bertuzzi incident. The hockey has been boring for the faithful. Heck, even Mark Messier playing there was a non-event.


And I know from growing up back east that the Vancouver Canucks mean very little to many easterners. The games are usually on too late. Canucks players are generally not on the minds of eastern hockey fans. And people are busy hating the Leafs.


Other western teams have fared better with eastern fans. Edmonton had the Gretzky and Messier years, and Calgary had a couple of Stanley Cup finals with Montreal, losing to Patrick Roy and the boys in 1986, but winning in 1989. And so we came to know Calgary players a little more, like Al McInnes, Mike Vernon, Jim Peplinski, Tim Hunter, Theoren Fleury et al.


And they had that ‘Red Mile’ thing going when they made it to the finals again in 2004.


The Canucks have had none of the kinds of things Edmonton and Calgary have had, although they did make it interesting in 1994 when they came within a goal of winning the Cup that year against the Rangers.


So my question is; If the Leafs and the Canucks somehow by magic ended up in the Stanley Cup final, who would you cheer for? One team is despised, the other means very little to you. 


I say you have to go for the Canucks, only because they’re not the Leafs.  


Or you could go camping instead.



6 thoughts on “If The Canucks And Leafs Went Head To Head, Would You Stay Awake?”

  1. I’ll probably lose a lot of respect for saying this, but as a die-hard Habs fan, I don’t hate the Leafs. In fact, I own two of their jerseys.

    Let me explain. My favourite team is Montreal. My second favourite is whoever is playing the Sens. I had tickets to the Sens-Leafs playoffs a few years back, and I bought a Leafs jersey just so I could taunt it in the faces of Sens fans (it was the series that the Leafs swept, so I had many opportunities to do so). I would then wear it whenever those two teams faced off, just because it would bother Sens fans so much.

    A friend of mine was given a Leafs jersey. She didn’t actually know any Leafs fans, and knowing I wear the jersey on occasion, she gave it to me.

    So that’s I came to own two Leafs jerseys. But it’s hard to hate a team that hasn’t been playoff competitive in years. To me, the Leafs are like Atlanta. They’re just there.

    I haven’t cared for the Canucks since they switched the jerseys they wore at the beginning of the 90s. I loved their old jersey. This new one? Couldn’t be bothered.

    I’d watch the series, hope the Leafs got caught using setroids or something, meaning Montreal would have to replace them in the finals.

  2. I’d go camping.

    I don’t hate the Leafs ’cause they not even a good rival anymore. The Bruins are the rival that give us a good old game. They never let us down.

    However, I hate the Flyers. If there’s one team I hate with every ounce of my existence, it’s the Flyers. They are the dirty smelly poo you happen to step in as you try to walk around with style and finess. Elbow players. I hate them so much I’d make a t-shit in screaming orange with the letters “The Devil’s from Flin Flon” on the front.

    So yea… I’d go camping. Maybe in BC instead of Ontario.

  3. “The Devil Comes From Flin Flon.” I want one of these t-shirts. And Tom, you’re going to have some explaining to the hockey gods about those sweaters.
    And when Boston’s playing well, I really hate them too.

  4. Lawrence how many times do I have to tell you ,those white towels were a mass surrender !!!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!

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