If Sean Avery Wants To Play, Maybe It Could Be In Siberia.

We’re hearing more and more now about Sean Avery and his upcoming return to the NHL. New York is mentioned the most, with coach Tom Renney saying Avery is wonderful with his teammates. Sure didn’t seem that way in Dallas. Mike Modano and Marty Turco might have a little to say about that. And sure doesn’t seem that way when you hear that he has a nasty habit of picking on rookies and making fun of teammates who stutter. And when asked by George S. awhile back on The Hour to describe most NHL players, Avery replied, “dumb.” Is this being wonderful with your teammates, as Renney described?

From time to time I see the Habs mentioned as a possible team for this nut. I can’t think of anything worse. Let the Canadiens slump. Let them lose to Boston. Let Mike Komisarek make more bad passes. But don’t let Sean Avery wear the CH.


4 thoughts on “If Sean Avery Wants To Play, Maybe It Could Be In Siberia.”

  1. I agree on Avery.

    I don’t think anyone in Montreal would be willing to take a chance on him.

    New York…. I can see them picking him up again… but I can’t see anyone winning the cup with him in the lineup.

    He’s insulted mostly everyone in the league with all his comments.

  2. Avery might actually be a good fit in Siberia. As far as I know, he can’t speak a word of Russia and I’ll bet you that most people in Siberia can’t speak English very well. SO one will understand what Avery says when he starts saying stupid things and they’ll all just continue on their way….

    Seriously though… It seems to be that the Rangers have selective memory when it comes to Avery…. weren’t they the ones jumping up and down when he left? I hope Avery doesn’t come back to the NHL…..

  3. I just finished watching the game against TO . The Team we watched all of last year has gone up in smoke(maybe it was all smoke & mirrors last year?) I commented during the play-offs that Price looked like a Deer caught in the head lights of an oncominig truck! I for one don’t blame the defence ,if Price could be farther backed into the crease he would behind the net. Once again Komisarik made dreadfull attempts to clear the puck,and our numerous PP’s ,once again tried to be too fancy & passed once too often,just put the shot on net & see what happens but no we f-around the boards & loose possetion . If this style of play continues we will be hard pressed to acheive the results of last year ! There are 30 games left to play, a major ratchet up in intensity is needed,or you we may as well kiss off a cup for year 100 !!! Some how Carbo & the crew have to get these under acheivinging guy’s to get it together or it will be a long dreary summer !!!
    No Cheers from the East !!!!

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